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  1. I feel like I'm crazy for considering this, but it seems like 20 minutes of Chris Boucher can pump more fantasy stats than 28 minutes of Jusuf Nurkic. Is this a hard no or not a bad idea to accept?
  2. Clipper's problem is that they don't have a primary distributor. Batum has been a very decent secondary (if not primary) distributor over his career so it's not outrageous to think that he can hold the starting spot even when Marcus Morris returns. Not expecting top 60 numbers from his prime days but some assists off the wire is always welcomed.
  3. Is there somewhere we can petition for INJ tags for folks missing 3 or more games due to COVID or quarantine? If yahoo doesn't act fast this will be a pointless fantasy season
  4. MPJ is going have fantasy impact this season. That being said the fact that coach is not completely sold on starting him caps his upside a little bit. He's currently being drafted in the 50-60s range. While I think he have potential producing such value 28-30min off the bench, it's just hard minutes wise for a bench wing to crack in the top 50. He's have to play perhaps 33-35min which he really needs to be starting. I'd pick him up in the 60-70 mark but drafting in 50s is drafting his ceiling in this current scenario.
  5. I've been making leagues for years and one modification I have done is to eliminate bench - PG, SG, G, G, SF, PF, F, F, C, Util x4, IL Folks that join would think of it as odd but later agree that it's the same amount of fun without having to actively change lineups. Also eliminates the need to count quality games on those Wednesdays and Fridays. Most importantly keeps those team that gave up halfway through the season still somewhat competing against their opponents by default. This wouldn't matter if all team managers are active TBH, but it's not easy to get a leag
  6. Just finished a snake draft today, wanted to do a punt but ended up with sort of a balanced roto-team... 1. (3) Stephen Curry (GS - PG,SG) 2. (22) Kyrie Irving (Bkn - PG) 3. (34) Pascal Siakam (Tor - PF,C) 4. (39) Christian Wood (Hou - PF,C) 5. (58) Jonas Valanciunas (Mem - C) 6. (63) Draymond Green (GS - PF,C) 7. (82) Derrick White (SA - PG,SG)
  7. I’ve used the rotoworld app followed by the NBC app in the past to keep updated on player news, but now it seems that both are gone. Any option to get alert and updates without having go through web browser?
  8. 4 weeks may be enough to treat a fracture, but only if he was in a cast this past two weeks. If not, then day 1 of fracture treatment starts now.
  9. Make Kobe a fantasy option next season with his best season stats applied
  10. Given that they traded away two role wings and the only other role wing left is untrusted Hezonja, it’s very possible that Ariza gets thrown into significant minutes. Not a game changer but could be a poor man’s Covington. If they use him easily a top 80-100 player. His stats while given minutes in WAS last season was early round.
  11. My Trae Young and Hassan Whiteside for his Buddy Hield and KAT in H2H standard 9 cat, which side would you choose? WHIR
  12. It’s really a toss comes down to what stats you need
  13. Troy brown IT2 and House are all droppable for me
  14. My Bam Adebayo for his Paul George in standard 9 cat H2H, take and run or no? WHIR
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