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  1. I think he’s a sneaky play against the panthers. Stafford injury is concerning but no Amendola & Golladay should net him 8+ 🎯. I can see 5/77/1td
  2. How are we feeling against the packers this week? Most likely Jaire is back and might shadow him. The usage is there but with Jaire shadowing might not be the week to play him.
  3. [...] I highly doubt the team plays him one week before the bye without him Being 100%.
  4. Thanks guys. Yes to all your questions it’s just a feeling that Will Fuller gets traded and loses that value. Yes it worth holding if fuller doesn’t get traded. He’s been putting up low end WR1 numbers.
  5. .5 ppr I’m 3-4. 4th highest scorer and have a strong chance to make playoffs with my current team but looking to upgrade. Sacrificing rb depth but will have a trio of Nuk, diggs & dj moore moving forward. Also feel Fuller will get traded next 2 weeks. TEAM: QB: Hebert & Tannenhill RB: Dalvin Cook, Hunt, CEH, Justin Jackson WR: Diggs, Fuller, Dj Moore, Ruggs TE: Jonnu Smith & Goedert
  6. Fuller has top 10 potential this week. Hard to bench him for anyone. I liked what I saw from his week 15 performance. He's gonna get lot of opportunity for a blow up game.
  7. On track from my prediction few weeks ago. Let's get another 2 tds week 16 and get us that ship. What a beastly performance [...]
  8. Regardless more volume is better for Tanny. 47% of his passing yards are YAC yards and with Texans high octane offense if Fuller suits up is better for Tanny if he throws 35+ than 22 times. Henry hobbled def hurts but also might put them in catch up mode and that's good from a fantasy perspective.
  9. No boom if Winston is hobbled. This game looks like a barber/jones type day to protect Winston and his thumb. OJ might be blocking a lot more as well.
  10. If Will Fuller suits up. Fire your Tanny with no worry cause Texans gonna be throwing all day on that injury riddled secondary that Titans are fielding. Texans can't out muscle titans but they can attack them through the air and Tanny is gonna need to keep pace especially with Henry being hobbled.
  11. Lamar most likely will go anywhere from $22 to $32 in auction next year. Mahomes went for $22 after his historic season but with Lamar and his joystick highlights will up his value even more. Only way lamar's goes cheap next year is owners worrying that he will have a Mahomes type regression. I think he should be coveted highly next year. Another year of progression with his weapons more experienced will only help.
  12. I really want to start him next week but the lack of targets is worrisome. If we knew he's getting 8 targets he's a bonofide top 15 play with his abilities. Can anyone post some stats on Houston secondary? I feel like with the additions of Conley and Roby has helped their pass defense last 4 weeks or so.
  13. Tampa Defense lately has been good with TE and with so much pressure their dline generates it also forces the TE to block more. Saints Dline has been decimated just this past week with Daveport and Rankins being out this week. On top of that with their suspect LB I can see Doyle doing very well since it's really only Pascal & Johnson to compete with targets. However, his ceiling is much lower due to his lack of athleticism so volume is key with Doyle.
  14. Do we know if PP21 will shadow him entire game? I recall that PP this year doesn't shadow exclusively anymore. If he doesn't then J Washington is a slam dunk choice for this week.
  15. Why isn't he being talked enough about. TY looks out for the season. He's gonna be getting 10+ targets imo from here on out. He's a certified 8-10 pts in .5 ppr at min with a high ceiling boot as the main rz target.
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