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  1. I was lucky to pick up Delon Wright and Derrick White from the wire. I like both of their season outlook but now are hurting/PPD. So holding Dipo becomes a question.
  2. I know he’s great in those counting stats but he kills efficiency (especially FG%) and doesn’t play B2B.
  3. Is he droppable in 12-team leagues? I’ve carried too many injuries.
  4. I only got 3 healthy players on my roster due to injury, covid-related ppd, and this BS rest. Fantasy is less and less fun.
  5. Please no.. he’s my only healthy guard right now.
  6. The guy just dropped Lamb, top 67 for the season on a 25-min role, and added Bledsoe (#199). What kind of league is he playing?
  7. So what’d be worth a 1st WP? Are you expecting a Klay Thompson dropped? BBM ranked him top 60 last season based on per game value.
  8. Top 60 last season. 3.7 trey a game. I’m aware that his game is volatile with less than 1 steal/block. He was dropped twice before putting up this. Sometimes a breakout game shows a turnaround. I’m hunting for 3’s.. not sure who else can be better from the wire. Hope it’ll be worth it.
  9. I’m using my #1 wavier priority to claim him.
  10. It’s still too early to tell he won’t get 20-24 min even if Drummond landing in Toronto. Still, it’s hard to get a buyer now with the trade rumors looming, even though he’s posting a peak line. Maybe throw him in a trade to upgrade a starter position.
  11. Agreed with the above. With all the injury, rest, and covid protocols this season, i can't afford to stash him.
  12. you just answer your own question. Gallo's minutes may drop to 25 when everybody's healthy in ATL. McConnell is your option for STL and AST.
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