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  1. I'll take the Raiders. I have plenty of fantasy football experience. My E-Mail Address is Oinker3@gmail.com. Thanks, Mike
  2. I am interested in taking over the HATS4BATS team. I have plenty of fantasy football league experience. My E-Mail address is Oinker3@gmail.com. Thanks, Mike
  3. Interested in your baseball league. I will send you an E-Mail. I have 30 team league experience. I also have a group me account. You can E-Mail me at Oinker3@Gmail.com.
  4. Interested, 30 team league experience.....Oinker3@gmail.com.
  5. I am interested. I would like to look at the constitution. Oinker3@gmail.com
  6. I am interested in one of the teams. 32 team league experience. Oinker3@gmail.com.
  7. I am interest in joining. I play in another 14 and 16 team leagues with IDP. Plenty of years of fantasy football experience. A Saturday Night May 2nd draft is good for me. If you have a opening you can E-Mail me at Oinker3@gmail.com. Thanks
  8. Interested. Please E-Mail me the rules Oinker3@gmail.com.
  9. I just signed up on proboards. Mike Oinker3@gmail.com Will take Rays or whatever NL team that is available.
  10. I'm interested....Experienced 30 team league owner... Please send me some more info. Oinker3@gmail.com.
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