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  1. Got him with Collins going down and stuck him on the IL+ so that worked out.
  2. Currently have Wall and had him all year. Still too early to drop him?
  3. Drafted it before spring training. I kind of got the players I wanted but probably could do better. I usually get 2 teams one early and one after spring training, but all the managing has gotten to be really time consuming. I'm debating whether or not to get another one this time. Usually I do better the second time around but it depends. 10 team, 10 cat espn. I also don't like how espn doesn't keep history and prefer yahoo. But this one was on espn. C-salvador perez 1b-Rizzo 2b-Ketal Marte 3b-Bregman SS-Boegarts 2b/ss-Ryan Mcmahon 1b/3b-Carlos Sant
  4. Drummond was dropped in this league. Don't want to get too big heavy since I just picked up Noel, Poeltl and Danny Green. Oladipo is my only other SF eligible player other than Green. I have the 6th waiver and might not get him but might PG-Doncic SG-Jamal Murray G-McCollum SF-Oladipo PF-Sabonis F-Collins C-Robert Williams C-Poeltl Util-John Wall Util-JA Morant B-Smart B-Harrrell B-Noel B-Danny Green
  5. hold or drop? On both these guys. I have them both on IL and IL+ but would like to add Poeltl and move someone else there.
  6. I just dumped brunson and carter jr for poole and divencenzo. I have to counter with those 3 for those 2 now(ie removing batum from the deal he would have to drop ). Doing work here.. Or i can offer divencenzo instead of smart. Should i do this or not? Would like a second opinion. my team is pretty much at that point where im not going to have many drops left. it's call up hunter for divencenzo or poole or make this trade. wall and dipo too not sure what to do except wait it out.
  7. actually my bad this is yahoo and wall and dipo just go to out status i think when they sit on back to backs. I'm not sure so I may be in a bind come playoff time if Mccollum and Hunter sit as well. I am not sure how that works. They were both just listed as injured when i put bagley on there and they were eligible and i got confused maybe. I can put them on the block too and see what i can get but probably not fair value.
  8. I was offered Mitchel, Batum and Capela for Mccollum, Smart and Deandre Hunter. I feel like I'm giving up too much with Smart somewhat. I could counter with Harrell maybe instead of Smart. I have Wall and Dipo who alternate on back to backs on the il but they are il eligible when it happens. I havent been streaming but come playoff time they might be useful with 2 il spots. I'm waiting to see if Mccollum and Hunter are going to play back to backs right now and might be too many injured guys. Or is my team fine as it is? 10 team h2h standard categories pg-Doncic sg-
  9. 10 cat h2h. I trade Wall, Oladipo and McCollum and receive Mitchell and Capela pg-morant sg-murray g-mccollum sf-doncic pf-sabonis f-collins c-bagley c-wiseman util-smart util-wall b-oladipo b-williams b-harrell/keldon johnson b-cousins
  10. Yeah not a big fan of Bagley and his defense myself. His offense still needs work too. I think he has upside is the thing but his effort is terrible and just growth physically.. I also have Keldon Johnson who has been alright but not too great. Bey is out there too. Harrell it's about minutes and his minutes are going down not up right now. And he really hasn't been that great all year. Unless he starts getting 30 minutes a night he's going to be like that all year.
  11. I have Harrell but he's been pretty mediocre. I also have Bagley and Wiseman but holding those guys because of upside...
  12. It's 10 team h2h 9 cat just to add. I'm down this week but up in turnovers and don't want to kill my percentages either. Trying to win off that but down games with Smart and Wiseman being banged up and Wall sitting back to backs. I could use the help now and later although not sure.. There is no one on my team i overly want to drop. There are literally no pg's and big men on waivers. It's picked thin. There are a few sg's right now which is what i need.
  13. I'm holding Robert Williams and WIseman now because of blocks. I was planning on dropping Harrell when McCollum comes back. But he has been playing well and Smart is out. I'm also going against the top team this week and could use some help. I've thought of dumping Wiseman now for Jeremy Lamb. There are 3 good sg's out there now in Lamb, Trent Jr, Dillon Brooks and Eric Gordon. So no rush. Edit : lamb just got picked up so there goes that. He's who i would have added. I'd drop Wiseman normally but compared to what is on waivers he is clearly the best big man too so i'm going to
  14. I've been on the war path recently dropping vets like lou wil for keldon johnson. Should i dump cousins for hunter too or will these guys come back down to earth? I can also drop Bagley or Cousins.
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