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  1. 20 minutes ago, THE_MAGIC_MAN said:

    I think y'all should be feeling a little more confident in RoJo as a bonafide lead RB on a potent offense. Lenny is incapable of running down the defense because hes too slow and old/injury prone. If the buccs want to succeed, they will need RoJo plain & simple.

    I couldn’t agree more . I’ve been jumping back and forth between these two weekly and have been getting burn. But there is one thing I notice when they use Rojo. They are a better team since the run game is established. Fournette doesn’t does not do that for them. He’s just a replacement to McCoy’s role in this offense now. 

  2. 1 hour ago, nmartinez12443 said:

    Too lazy too look it up, but has he been on a losing atl team? Hes 31st in yards all time and 41 in receptions with many people he could pass this year, will he sit out games or does this even matter?

    Falcons had one shot to win a Superbowl and they blew it.  Doubt we'll ever see them get close again in the next decade so I expect Julio to pat his stats as much as possible before he retires

  3. 21 minutes ago, BallinOnnaBudget said:

    Yeeeesh, plugged him at flex last weekend and got lucky that juju went off or I would've lost. 

    Anybody watch the Bills game? Did he have any GL chances? 

    Any reason for optimism? I'm between a rock and a hard spot at RB but have about 0% confidence in Frank.

    Thoughts by someone who watched the game?

    I don't think you can play any bills RB with confidence. The back field is split right now and depending on game script, it would be impossible to guess who's going to be leading in the WAS game. You'll most likely be playing a guessing game on which RB is going to emerge as the FF producer every week, until one of these guys goes down.

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  4. 1 hour ago, lolcopter said:

    Yes, their secondary is garbage while the front 7 is quite good. They will likely try to make Cousins beat them (ha)

    I'm on the same boat with this and its the only reason I'm starting Diggs this week. Quite possibility for the last time, if he does not produce those WR2 numbers for us. 

    To the RB position in past 5 weeks for rushing yards, they've only given up a total of 28(1), 54(2), 85(3) , 77(4), and 67(5) yards. The most rushing yards the eagles have given up, to a single player, was 44 yard to McKissic from 1 rush attempt.... That week was also their most given up yards to rushing, if you add Kerryon 20 rush attempt for 36 yards(+TJ 5 yeards). Cousin should be airing more than 30+ this game, so lets hope 20% of the targets to go to Diggs

  5. I've seen videos of him stretching his legs yesterday. There were 4 clips. All of the clips seem to have calve focused stretches. First was him standing touching his toes. Second was him doing calve raises. Third shows him sitting Indian style stretching his back Last clip showed him hanging upside down by his ankles.


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