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  1. Hopefully coach will have his trust now after a successful rookie year.
  2. standard league H2H Cousins (still worth holding?) K.Anderson THanks!
  3. Non ppr. Akers looking like a stud and year didn't end well for JJ
  4. Gallinari got dropped. Should i pick him up? If so, who should i drop? Bazley Clarke Hardaway Jr H2h pts league Thanks!
  5. Got offered Dejounte Murray for Blake Griffin. Should i accept? H2H pts league.
  6. Ben or Hurts this week? Hurts has running upside while Ben can have a good bounce back game. Help! thanks!
  7. Happy with the outcome but could have had more...
  8. Jacobs, Akers and Dobbins Moestert was limited at practice today. This will affect Wilson.
  9. Rank the following QBs for the last 2 games of season. Big Ben (CIN and IND) Hurts (ARI and DAL) Cousins (CHI and NOR) Thanks!
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