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  1. Is it not against the rules to curse even though this site censors it? Jw, since I've been banned for it before but there's a bunch of it in this thread.
  2. I know, it was open until I posted there, and got locked within a minute
  3. Very strange that this thread was locked, I left, came back 25 minutes later and posted once, and then the Kamara thread was immediately locked. Probably a coincidence.
  4. Saints are going to play prevent the rest of the game and Brady is trying to keep up with Brees on the career TD list
  5. No, looks like the mods are deleting our posts for literally no reason. I guess nothing has changed.
  6. It's 2020, why are people still making excuses for Brady? He just sucks.
  7. Sounds like you didn't watch the game, the Vikings shredded them for a first down per pass attempt
  8. Maybe you don't know what you've got til it's gone, but I can't understand sites that tell me, week in and week out, that this guy is a borderline Top 5 TE. I'd rather drop this loser and take my chances streaming, though at least this week he got a couple of targets in the end zone.
  9. Because if the ball is thrown properly (these routes aren't difficult for NFL QBs) you give your receiver a chance at the ball and no chance to the defender. If the Seahawks threw a fade against the Patriots in the Super Bowl, they would've gotten a shot to run the ball on the next play. There's no downside if you're the offense and have a Top like 25 QB and it's 1st or 2nd and Goal.
  10. Herbert is down, leg, sitting up Ed: looks like he just took a big hit, not even having much trouble walking
  11. Ben went to the locker room a minute before half after a TD drive Should be noted just in case, but for the people that have been around for Ben's entire career, probably nothing to worry about.
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