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  1. update...out for 2 more weeks. ya this season is done
  2. ya I worry about this. I have both Love and Nance....
  3. nah man, those are factors you need to take into account. All is fair imo
  4. ya the problem is I don't think I'll win in the playoffs without him and I can afford to hold till the updates.
  5. depends on if you can take the hit I guess. I'm 4th in my 14 man league and I'm holding till the update
  6. and tmr too. SGA is available in my league I wonder who has a better chance at coming back healthy...
  7. He's not in the closing lineup. I dunno...
  8. Will he come back before the end of April?
  9. To Denver - how much of a drop off are we looking at?
  10. He was pretty good today and closed put the game
  11. Still a elite source of blocks. Not much else tho
  12. nothing yet. I think expect something after the ASB
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