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  1. At this point who cares if he ever comes back...
  2. He had a down week and i bought into the notion that MG would take his touches. Flipped him for Saquon (multi player deal) and regretted it ever since. Ekeler is the real deal and a league winner.
  3. How about scorong first and still losing? Plus pulling off a trade that had my two rb's be Kamara and Saquon? How the f--- do I lose with those two?
  4. Kamara's best this season is when Murray started in his place.
  5. If he can't produce a big fantasy day in an 80+ point game when will he? [...]
  6. Cook hates fantasy football. Couldn't let us have Mattison just one week, eh?
  7. It doesn't matter who they are playing? Yeah... Patriots, Dolphins, whatever, same thing...
  8. Pretty quiet in here. Everyone lose faith in him and Murray?
  9. Worth holding. Breida can fall apart at any moment.
  10. It's the first week of the playoffs. Do you think I have time for rational things like checking dates? I'm freaking out over his hammy man.
  11. Plus werent there a few drops and few wr's playing with the flu for the hawks?
  12. Gotta take some risks to take home the gold. This feels like the DJ/Edmonds situation all over again but then again...
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