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  1. Well. I write her. It is I who want Doncic. I play second year in that league (non competetive, last year TeamD champ, I am 2nd). TeamD league manager rules by own purposes. About that trade - it 10 cat (AST/TO,DD) where Doncic very high. And Paul George not so. Doncic owner from 3 keepers had him and 2 bad keepers. I give him Siakam and George and see potential of Zion. With trade auction value of traded keeper goes 0$ (i don't know what it is this rule, my only auction league). Doncic owner receive this team after draft (and bottom part in standings) and had bunch of garbage. Maybe
  2. What's happening? Does Dedmon stays or be traded next team.
  3. Tade rumors. Last 2 games looks like he wont'be traded )
  4. The Cleveland Cavaliers reportedly aren’t going to trade Kevin Love prior to Thursday’s deadline. “Cleveland is resigned right now that there is no trade for them between now and Thursday. Unless something comes out of nowhere, essentially, they will be looking in the offseason,” ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said on The Woj Pod No love for Nance big minutes
  5. It's tooo early. Playing 4 min at once, simple TO, defence mistakes, slow running.
  6. Was he stretching floor with Powell in paint? Now it Boban only, and Kristaps stretching.
  7. Hope it just some back pain like any other player can have anytime. And Nuggets just caution because of operations on his back. Otherwise it be tough.
  8. Before Murray injury, Monte had solid FG%. Give him chance tomorrow against Wolves.
  9. I drafted him and dropped. With increased time grab him and stashing, my team was stacked. Now I shorthanded, in January deploy him and Dejounte sucks. Can get more value from waiver 10 team.
  10. Wtf. I traded Irving+Satoranski for him after Kyrie interview. Just before injury of Vanfleet! And Sato get 13 assist DD. And Vanfleet join to my Siakam.
  11. Because his boring glue guy as 2 years ago, typical SF stats, but above average, nothing pop eye. At some point late december was outside top 100, RW readed he had some family trouble. Who knows?
  12. League with 3 keepers. Think I need try to trade him for top 50-75 player. Learning how to walk? Enough for me.
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