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  1. Have to sit him against the Ravens in week 14, but other than that, there is definitely the chance he rises back up to respectability.
  2. In Training Camp, it was said Hill has taken a major step forward this year. I don't think they expected it.
  3. It's a long-term investment. He had a very serious injury with high reinjury risk. They have a QB now, meaning they have a future. I expect them to shut him down and roll with Jackson/Pope ROS. There is simply no reason to put him back in now that their playoff chances are over. It's sad. Watching the Chargers blow yet another lead was brutal. But it is what it is. If you don't have Jackson, be sure to get Pope. And if you can't get neither, buy Kelley while he is cheap. Jackson is injury prone.
  4. I'd wait until the deadline passes. Something weird could happen. This entire situation is strange. But if the deadline passes and no trade occurs, I'd move him for lesser value (low-end WR2). But if someone offered a player with the upside of Dobbins now, I'd be hard-pressed to say no.
  5. That's basically how I'm taking it. Think a few weeks ago. OBJ suffered an ACL tear. Or Michael Thomas suffered a high-ankle sprain. We got nothing like that. Just an obscure "hip injury" that will cause him to be "week-to-week". This is after a hamstring injury of an undisclosed severity kept him out for the first 2 weeks of the season. This reeks of contract dispute stalemate. Golladay may be trying to quietly sit out the season while fulfilling his current agreement. I would be mildly surprised if he returns this season, and more so if he returns this month.
  6. I'm starting to think this obscure injury signals a trade is looming. He may have taken himself out of the game with a minor nick to avoid the risk of injury. The Giants would be better. Yes, Dimes is nowhere near as good a QB as Stafford, but we can at least finally get used to 10+ targets and a much more motivated player with nothing on his mind but the game.
  7. All we can hope is it's not an injury that will force him to miss time and he gets traded by Tuesday. Any situation in the league would be better than this. OK maybe not the Jets, but everywhere else.
  8. Very good point. It's not the amount of touches Henderson is getting, which has been fine, it's the fact he's had to create everything on his own. They draw up no plays for him to get easy yards in the receiving game.
  9. Diontae Johnson is not only the 1st WR in history to require a handcuff, but he also blesses his handcuff Chase Claypool with a lot of work.
  10. Root for the Chargers! The best bet is that they're 4-5 heading into the Jets game on Week 11. If they aren't, I think they'll shut him down. Next 3 are against the Broncos, Raiders, and Dolphins. I think this Sunday will be a must win.
  11. The biggest disappointment has been his limited involvement in the passing game. But given the state of the RB1 landscape this season (CMC, Quads, Chubb, Cook, Sanders, Mixon, Carson, Ekeler, etc.), he has been very solid and dependable. Hopefully that holds up.
  12. Not starting him next week. Only Diontae is safe against BAL. But you better believe he'll start again against the 'Boys on week 9.
  13. Unfortunately, we won't know about Henderson until after the game. Early indications are it's not that bad. If it was, they wouldn't have panned away. Definitely got off the field. At this point, I could see him missing the next game since they have a Week 9 bye. Just rest him up for the stretch run. That's if it's not serious.
  14. Hendo has been blueballing us all season. I'm ready for that breakout game!
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