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  1. Great thread. Brings back so many memories. I'll throw out Nikola Pekovic in the '11-'12 lockout season. Came out of nowhere to routinely put up 20-10 games on a regular basis that year. Helped my team to a chip with some help from perennial silly season specialist JJ Barea..
  2. That's going to be the best game a Curry puts up this season. Great ros outlook with Brunson down, should get 30+ minutes for the forseeable future.
  3. This, and if there’s any type of setback at all he will be shut down for the season. Every game he plays is like a potential ticking time bomb.
  4. He should feast, it'll be interesting to see what his number will look like if he cracks 30+ minutes now. I'm excited.
  5. But the East sucks every year, and no one is ever really "out" of it this early in the season in this conference ever. Last year it didn't happen until March. One 4-5 losing West Coast losing streak and they'll be knocked out for good.
  6. His first really poor line since like the middle of December. He's been THAT good.
  7. Bryant was unleashed around March of last year and Mahinmi didn’t get off the bench. My guess it was a mandate from the front office to give the younger guys unlimited burn. Same thing will probably happen this year once the Wizards are clearly out of it, except replace TB with Moe because of TB’s bum foot.
  8. I’m back on the Mo train, especially with TB out and likely limited ros. Unleash him Brooks!
  9. Looks like Luke will be back right after ASB, and he's expected to be an important piece in the post Drummond era.
  10. Grizzlies have gone on this winning run with Clarke playing well in 25 minutes a game. Not sure why anyone would assume the Grizzlies would mess with those results and a young stud’s playing time in favor of 2 career journeyman backup types. I’m optimistic 25 minutes will be his floor from here on out.
  11. Looks like best case scenario happened for Luke this trade deadline, staying put in Detroit and Drummond gone. Will he be healthy enough to be a difference maker down the stretch?
  12. I actually think he’d be fine. Heat could prob use another scorer. Value would probably be similar to what he’s doing in OKC
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