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  1. Oops, thank you - can see how overeager I am for the Chargers! Detroit selects LB Nick Bolton, Missouri. I had debated Bolton for them during round 2, but went with Rousseau given the positional value. Bolton in the 3rd is solid value and addresses an area of need. Now off to @jumper for real this time.
  2. Was locked and loaded to take Freiermuth for my Chargers but since I was sniped, will turn the attention elsewhere and pick OG Kendrick Green, Illinois. The Chargers O line was a huge area of need but with Slater in the 1st, Linsley and Feiler in FA and now Green, you've rebuilt 4/5 of it for the coming years. You've got the franchise QB in Herbert, now he's protected. You're up @jumper
  3. If it was really all about that, then how would you explain Brady's title with the Bucs, as well as winning 3 of his titles with NE well after Spygate?
  4. Debated taking an LB here, but positional value dictates that the Lions select Gregory Rousseau, DE Miami. The Lions have a lot of needs, and getting an edge rusher with his potential in the second round is a nice win. Take it away @mocha4313
  5. I've got the Ravens taking Terrace Marshall Jr. - this feels like an easy call to me. Everyone knows they need help at the WR position and Marshall can be the big, contested catch guy who also has big play potential. His large catch radius could be helpful to Lamar and should complement what Hollywood brings on the other side. He probably benefits a bit from the halo of playing with Chase and JJ, but he showed well this year without either of them.
  6. I'll take the Ravens at 27 - that's an easy one.
  7. This - sure they threw it a ton in the red zone last year, but it also worked pretty damn well. Not saying they won't shift that a bit this year, but there's no specific reason to think their approach will be vastly different.
  8. Since we're well past the premium talent part of the draft, I'd prefer to trade down (but assume there wouldn't be many suitors). I'm tempted to take Terrace Marshall, but the Bears already have Robinson as their big, contested catch target. I'll eat veggies and take Asante Samuel Jr. Since they released Kyle Fuller, CB is very much a need for them, the premium tackles are already gone (glad my Chargers got one), and the other offensive skill guys don't justify a pick this high, IMO.
  9. There really is no reason for the 49ers to have a smokescreen. Lawrence and Wilson are going 1/2, so no one could even move ahead of them. I may not agree personally, but I don't think it's insane to think they value Mac Jones that highly to trade up to 3 to get him. He had an incredible year and the draft is still a crapshoot at the QB position. I would bet at least 1 of the 5 end up busting, and it won't be Lawrence. Everyone outside of him has legitimate question marks, including Jones - not crazy to roll with the guy who's done it at a college championship level.
  10. Agree they won't get much for Bridgewater, esp bc the league now knows there's minimal leverage there. We know the Panthers were trying to trade for Watson, move up in the draft, etc. Clearly they couldn't get either of those to pan out in a way they liked, so to me that tells you what they think about the QB options they are likely to have at their current spot. If Darnold flops, then they'll have a high pick next year and be able to go for a QB they may like more then, while improving the cast that QB would step into. The benefit of the Darnold move is that they have a lot of flexi
  11. i'm very curious to see him on a non-Gase team, clearly the physical tools are there. Was the best move they could make, since they clearly had tried to trade up but couldn't get there.
  12. I don't disagree he's an upgrade, but if I'm on the Titanic it doesn't matter if I'm sitting first class or coach. Pace should've been fired for the Trubisky mistake alone.
  13. Let's be realistic here, when you're debating between Dalton and Taylor as your starting QB - better luck next season.
  14. This whole offense is still a wasteland, IMO. Harris is the most valuable for fantasy purposes, and he strikes me as a low upside borderline RB2/3 since Cam is the goal line back.
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