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  1. It's hard for the Texans to decide when reports are that they are refusing to listen to offers. As others have noted, once the draft passes the offers aren't likely to look better. Plus it pushes out the draft picks they'd get by a year, delaying the rebuild. While the GM is new, his boss and the architect of this mess are not. So it's unsurprising to see them continuing to screw this up.
  2. I doubt that teams are calling with lowball offers, they know it'll take serious consideration to get a player like Watson. The Texans sticking their head in the sand and refusing to even discuss it is pure denial and incompetence.
  3. Eh, the owners wouldn't vote against their own interests, and the players' union couldn't broach this until the next CBA is up. Jones seems like a no brainer tag candidate for them to keep him one more year, IMO. Then when he leaves via FA, they'll get a nice compensatory pick.
  4. To be clear, I don't think the NFL should - I thought it was BS back when the NBA stepped in and vetoed Chris Paul being traded to the Lakers. Just saying that I wouldn't be surprised if they pressured them if things deteriorate to that stage, because they wouldn't want to see a player like Watson sidelined.
  5. Oh I fully agree, but you know that $$$ talks. I doubt there's anything they can actually do besides pressure them
  6. I do wonder at what point the Texans will get nudged by the league to trade Watson, because it's not a good look to have one of the biggest and most marketable stars sidelined because team ownership wants to prove a point. Everyone loses the longer they hold out hope that he'll play for them again.
  7. To be clear, I think some adversity is good for anyone, QB or not. However, is it required for success? I don't buy that and neither do you, if you're not worried about Lawrence's prospects since he's only played on a stacked team at Clemson. Adversity can also be relative - I wouldn't say Peyton faced adversity (and he achieved greatness), but some could say his inability to win a national title was adversity bc of the expectations. I get that Tua's been surrounded by a great cast, but so have past Bama QBs and that alone didn't have them highly regarded as pro prospects. In fantasy, peo
  8. Suit yourself, to each their own. I hate Bama but to use that as a criteria for whether or not a QB will be good is a headscratcher to me. The Chargers (my fav team) would've missed out on Herbert if they just said no Oregon QBs bc Harrington, Akili Smith, and Mariota have been highly picked busts. These guys are their own individuals above all else and deserve to be judged on their merits, IMO.
  9. Rodgers went to Cal and was nationally ranked (please don't tell me his time at Butte is what made him a superstar), Wilson finished up at Wisconsin - not sure what your definition is of a big school? Brady, Brees, Manning all went to big schools too. If people got scared off Rodgers because he was a Jeff Tedford guy (who unlike Saban, did produce busts at QB) then they were terribly wrong too. No one under Saban was a high draft pick at QB until Tua (Hurts absolutely would not have been a 2nd rounder had it not been for his year at Oklahoma), so you really can't say Saban produced busts,
  10. I'm not a Bama fan (in fact, I disdain Saban with a burning passion) but I struggle to understand all the hate on Tua. His season was mediocre, but he had a number of complicating factors (major injury, lack of anything remotely resembling a normal offseason, etc.) and it was his rookie season. When I saw him step in during the national title game, I thought - Saban finally found himself a great QB, fml (I dislike him that much). Nothing Tua did in the subsequent 2 years changed that, and 1 mediocre season as a rookie isn't going to change that. If he doesn't show material improvement th
  11. It's a matter of opinion, but I strongly disagree. If someone's already made a lot during their career, it makes sense for them to chase a ring to round out their career. If you're a younger guy who hasn't made big bucks (i.e., you weren't a high first rounder), it makes sense to set up your family for life with guaranteed dollars, given how brutal the NFL is. It's a different calculus in the NBA where every contract is guaranteed because you can sacrifice $ and still have generational wealth for your family. Not surprisingly, this is also where you see the most players taking discounts t
  12. This, plus the Jags are nowhere near contending and wouldn't give up tons of picks...they need them to rebuild.
  13. I also wouldn't discount the Reich component here - if the rumors of poor work habits, locker room problems, etc. had much validity, Reich would be very much aware of them and there's no way Ballard made this call without consulting Reich extensively. If he believes that Wentz still has it, it makes sense to give them the benefit of the doubt for now. I would guess that Wentz will end up in the middle of what we've seen from him, which is to say - not an elite game changer, but a solidly good QB that you can definitely win with. Will definitely be one of most interesting storylines to wat
  14. I was also worried about them going with a rookie QB or something, which would've really hurt his value. I think Wentz is the realistic best outcome as a Taylor holder, and he should be competent enough to not hurt him, although I do wonder how much he dumps off to RBs.
  15. OPOY is basically non-QB MVP, which he did win. We know it's nearly impossible for a non-QB to win it now, but that's due to how the league has shifted. He's not HOF material yet, but certainly well on his way. If he hits 2k back to back? Yeah, he's got the HOF locked up then.
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