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  1. Exactly, he has a chance to redeem this whole frustrating fantasy season if he balls out during the playoffs. His trajectory is improving ... nobody jinx it please
  2. it's so nice when someone you've been stashing for many weeks finally blooms ☺️
  3. we need to see this drawing come to life every game
  4. Yeah, Lonzo deserves a ton of credit. Considering how his career began, with all of the hype and scrutiny (and then disappointment) in LA and his, err, overbearing father ...he's come a long way. His shooting is vastly improved across the board, and it takes him to a whole other level as a player. He must have worked endlessly to improve because his shot was fugly before. Gotta respect his growth. And man am I glad I waited out the early season woes, he's ballin' now.
  5. He's got back-to-backs against the Nuggets and the Joker coming up tomorrow and Saturday ...that will be a real test. Come on big guy ...
  6. Picked him up for a four game week cuz I needed threes ... ...in the first game he set a record for most missed threes EVER in an NBA game. Then a mediocre game, and now this. He didn't even do anything good (1 for 5 from the field) before his a** bone broke. Worst waiver pickup EVAARRRRRRRR Don't let the door hit ya ...
  7. Man, I have Kyrie and as good as he is when he's in there, he's sooo injury prone. Vucevic has been injured too but not like Kyrie. Kyrie's ceiling is higher but his floor is lower; he might get shut down at some point. So he's the riskier, swing for the fences pick. I'd base the decision on what your team needs, and if you prefer to play it safe (Vuce) or go for it all but risk disaster lol (Kyrie). Good luck.
  8. Cov and Gobert for the Brow? I think you have to pull the trigger, Davis is a bit risky, but could win it all for you, he's the best player in fantasy in 9 cat. Plus two for one means you can pick up someone off waivers to be a glue guy on your bench. Little help?
  9. Rank these guards/wings ROS: De'Anthony Melton Troy Brown Jr Elfrid Payton Malik Beasley WHIR
  10. I've got him stashed on the bench, hoping he continues to improve and catches fire in the second half 🀞🏽
  11. I've been so close to cutting him, but I just can't shake the feeling that he's got the multi-cat potential. He's had big steal games, big block games, a big trey game, and had been rebounding well. He's had a very rough patch and major foul trouble, but ...he's a rookie, he's gonna be inconsistent. Gonna try to wait it out a bit longer to see if he can settle back down.
  12. Right, I didn't mention guys like Devonte Graham and Kendrick Nunn who are already playing well ...more looking for sleepers, whether from waivers or cheaply available as buy-lows. I suppose Dejounte Murray is not really in that category.
  13. Lots of talented young guards in the NBA right now, including a very impressive rookie class (some of whom are killing it already). Stashing a mercurial youngster in the season's early days can pay off big time if they blossom later in the season; witness Trae Young last year, Donovan Mitchell two years ago, etc. So which young guards are your best bets to flourish into stars later this season? Here are a few possibilities: Dejounte Murray Coby White Tyler Herro Collin Sexton Darius Garland Tomas Satoransky Markelle Fultz (yes, really) W
  14. Well, I drafted him early with high hopes, but he's been pretty rancid so far. However, gotta be patient; he's at the nadir of his value, so trading or cutting him now would be short-sighted. Was gonna give him a week on the bench anyway to try to get it together, so the injury makes that an easier choice. Maybe watch some videos about how not to foul so much, JJJ? 😁
  15. Cut Sato and scooped IT2 ...takin' a shot at glory! Or, err, at least end of roster serviceability lol
  16. Lol, Nun-DMC was my championship team name four seasons ago when I built around Boogie Cousins ...the gimmick was, my entire team wore nun's habits on the court. Yes, we have an eccentric league ...
  17. Same ...need some point guard depth, have Sato and don't wanna cut the cord just yet, but Fultz, D-Rose and a few other guys are out there and I'm thinkin about it
  18. Nice my friend. I also started with Kyrie and Drummond, picking twelfth in a twelve team, so #12 and #13. Good luck to us both!
  19. I had Drum for the first time last year and he was awesome. Do not remotely regret drafting him thirteenth overall (first pick of the second round) in a twelve team league; he's only 26, durable as hell and he DOMINATES. Seems to be getting better each year, and while I don't expect him to shoot 8 of 10 from the line every night, his free throw accuracy has been steadily improving. Plus he's just so fun to have. 20-20's and stocks galore!
  20. Oh yeahhhh ...had the twelfth draft pick in a twelve team league, ergo …#1 waiver priority 😁 Welcome aboard, PJ! And thwarting all my buddies who wanted him makes it all that much sweeter 😌
  21. Gonna rant on behalf of one of our longtime league-mates, a former champ in fact, who due to his work is usually in New Zealand or China or (this year) Australia during the draft. So, our Sunday night draft was a Monday morning draft for him (in the middle of a work meeting lol). He popped in and out of the draft to make his choices, but ... ...forgot to draft a single center 😨 The season starts tomorrow. Oops. (wonder if I can trade him Cody Zeller on the cheap? 😁)
  22. Soooooo ...I actually tried to NOT punt FT while still building around Drum, who I love. Twelfth pick in a twelve team 9-cat HtH league, and I got: Kyrie/Drum JJJ/CP3 JRich/TBryant Gary Harris/Jarrett Allen TSato/CZeller (ugh) THerro/TPrince Mostly good FT guys other than Drum so we'll see how it goes. Tried to draft solid across the board but a little worried about Pts and 3s, but what the hell. Drum was awesome last year and so much fun to have, so at least I'll enjoy his regular 20/20 games.
  23. This gimp couldn't even play one measly half-game during finals week. And to think how happy I was that I got the number one pick so I could take him ...
  24. Yeah, sometimes I feel like it's necessary to stay away from both the top teams' top players (due to load management) and the crummy teams' top players (due to tanking). Who the hell are you supposed to draft? I mean, of course you don't stay totally away -- but I feel your frustration (I have AD -- who is kind of a third issue, trade demands/shutdowns). Aaargh.
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