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  1. i had nurkic on my team and put him on IR , where i 've already had Love. Are we optimistic that he is going to return in the next two weeks?
  2. first time this year i benched him, because it was either him or trae young. solid choice! 😭
  3. would you drop him for fultz, dragic or lou williams?
  4. kanter is a young guy, his role is safe until kristaps returns
  5. i dropped him for osman. i ve watched the orlando game and though i liked isaac on the time he was on the floor but i believe that the turk will have more usage on cleveland's offense. I am in a point league so that's my main priority...
  6. i am not sure that tatum will be the second option on Boston's offence when hayward is on top form again. And the golden state is a different case where all the value offensively is on the 3 superstars and green filling all the voids. On Boston, after irving,hayward,tatum,horford there are morris,rozier,brown,smart who all have a part on boston's offence...We ll need more games to see how all of them stand.
  7. too much depth on boston's roster, they ll all have ups and downs...
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