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  1. I want to believe It's his OC. Maybe it's his WRs. Maybe its him. Either way at this point there is nothing to do but admit he was a bust of a pick. He's a startable QB but hindered anyone who drafted him this season surely.
  2. People going to stop worrying about Sony now? This is a Harris Backfield with Burkhead mixing in here and there until further notice. Fire him up!
  3. all of the GB RB's seem out this week so I wonder if Rodgers might check down to Tonyan a ton on Thursday. Considering flexing him with this info.
  4. Same. Low scoring bad weather game. I was already avodining players from this game for this very reason. The long ball guy was the least likely to get major burn here. Hold. Can't start him this week but I wouldn't be surprised to see him bounce back.
  5. It also helps that he has an awesome WR next to him in AJ Brown, and a QB who can throw it better than anyone he has played with. Corey Davis is a WR2 ROS in my opinion.
  6. I'd bench people in Vegas @ Cleveland, but I'm stuck with atleast a little exposure in this one so I hope I'm wrong.
  7. [...] This could easily be a ground and pound type game.
  8. Yeah... I've defended McKinnon on here as someone who should have decent flex value this week in a high scoring matchup, but I'm 100% sending him to the bench after this news and keeping him for the time being as a break in case of emergency hold. Tired legs? What the hell? It's week 8 and you haven't played a ton. Real bad look.
  9. I'm just hoping these Vikings Covid tests don't remove this game from the schedule.
  10. Corey Davis is getting really underrated this week. He has done nothing but produce this season when he is healthy and this matchup could be high scoring. That's my pick.
  11. He could be a below flex value guy rest of season tbh. I want to believe this is real and own him in 2 of 3 leagues, but the Pats offense looks pretty broken and he hasn't risen above the committee yet. I would hold though because a lot can change over the next month and he could find himself in a much better situation. If anything happens to rex burkhead, James White, if The Pats turn it on in the second half of the season, or if they tank and give the young guys like Harris a lot more run. I don't think he has a road to be a RB1 this year but I think hes a lotto ticket to be an alright RB2 t
  12. How many points does a defense get for successful karate kicks on the QB?
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