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  1. If the jags situation doesn't change much, my guess would be in the 10-15 range.
  2. He is so bad. The playcalling is so bad, they got Monty who's been surging lately and have barely given him a chance, but instead got trubisky out there trying to act like he is aaron rodgers.
  3. Full 1 point PPR. Kareem Hunt or JK Dobbins.
  4. Does Mahomes sitting take him out of MVP race? I don't know what all goes into it aside from stats, but wouldn't playing so well that your team is able to rest the final 2 weeks of the regular season say something about being an MVP?
  5. Facing Josh Allen as well. Putting in a claim to grab Brees.
  6. Ito Smith, not Todd Gurley, is now Atlanta Falcons' No. 1 RB, Raheem Morris says
  7. I don't wanna outright say that you jinxed tonight's game ... but you JINXED IT! Putting in a claim for Brees off the wire lol
  8. Welp now I probably won't have Mahomes for my Championship. Plus injuries to Akers, Diggs, JRob. LOL
  9. Jesus why is Ben going for the home run, plenty of time for small and moderate gains
  10. I haven't been watching, i see 5 targets for Diontae, but only 2 catches..... are any drops?
  11. Wow steelers better pull this out otherwise I'm in a lot of trouble for the championship with no Mahomes.
  12. Henry would have over 20+ TD's right now without all the vultures. They've really been getting cute around the goal line, which is crazy to me when you have a back like Henry..
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