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  1. Any last thoughts on this? Right now I have Meyers, Kirk in and Watkins out....
  2. Pick 2 Kirk vs. Rams Meyers vs. Chargers Watkins vs. Broncos right now I have Kirk and Watkins in but I’m not feeling confident in Kirk.
  3. Why? With injuries, COVID and BYE weeks some people are hurting for a player especially in a 2 QB league.
  4. With Ebron’s game maybe in doubt I’m going to have to drop him for Reed. I will love at least 8 points!
  5. Why is the Ravens injury report so confusing? He was NIR, DNP then they just stopped reported on him.
  6. Just because you’re the engine doesn’t mean you can’t actually be hurt. Two days in a row is concerning, tomorrow will be an intense wait and see.
  7. Everyone in here saying not to drop has me so torn! L Murray is on the wire and I don’t know what to do with JK. When do you think they’ll use him more? Seems he will just rot away on benches.
  8. I agree with a comment above. Drop in redraft if you need players with better upside. He has to surpass two other backs and playoffs are too close to be waiting on this man to get lead back role.
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