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  1. It seems that any direction Silva is going on twitter, these blurbs will go (maybe that's common knowledge). He has been on a rampage with NYG taking Barkley #2 over a QB.
  2. I agree the OBJ one was pretty dumb, but fantasy football is dying? Sure hope not!
  3. Now I'm more torn! I was initially thinking Henry but with Cousins signing with the Vikes I started to lean Diggs. I agree with waiting until the last second and I really like the idea of going WR/WR with a couple set-it and forget type guys (Julio/Keenan/Odell(far reach)). Thanks for the 2 cents.
  4. Greetings Comrades. Love the feedback I have gotten in the past with my difficult decisions, so I'm back for more. 12 team, std league, 1 keeper drafted after the 5th round. It's between Diggs in the 6th OR Derek Henry in the 7th. I'm drafting from the 11th spot. Thanks for looking and any advice.
  5. River's has been on fire the last month but everyone warned of tonight. That was tough to watch and most likely will cost me.
  6. https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/12/15/new-england-patriots-antonio-brown-pittsburgh-steelers-malcolm-butler-bill-belichick?utm_campaign=sinow&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&xid=socialflow_twitter_si Article says it will be Brown, not Bell, being the main focus of the Pats defense.
  7. Wow, he's being benched this weekend for the likes of Nathan Peterman
  8. Bottom line, what's the earliest you're willing to draft Zeke? Will there be enough clarity tomorrow to vault him back to a top 3 pick?
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