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  1. Should we be concerned with the lower minutes and a lower usage in the last two games? Is this a time to try and sell him semi-high? 4 FGA and 28 minutes despite not being in foul trouble last night and 4 FGA in 26 minutes the game before.
  2. I would. If you need 3s and steals he is a much better option than Morris. Would you take Coby or LaMelo ROS? 9 cat league.
  3. Is he a buy low at this moment? Thinking of giving up Tatum and a middle/late round guy for AD but I am concerned Tatum may end up better than AD with Lakers winning and him taking a back seat.
  4. Do you believe Zeller's return will have any impact on his stats whatsoever? Or is Biyomobo (and maybe Miles Bridges) the only one who loses value with Cody returning?
  5. Would you consider Coby White a buy low based on his subpar play the last three games or is this (14/4/5 on below 40% from the field) something we can expect for the rest of the season? Before the dud vs. Mavs, he averaged 17.7/5.5/6.3 on 41.8% from the field with 2.6 threes.
  6. Over the 4 games Burks played in, he had 28 FTA. Can we expect something like 5 FTA per game for the rest of the season if he continues to play 30+ mpg? Because if so, that's something that separates him from players like Eric Gordon and Terrence Ross and can be very valuable.
  7. Is he a drop now that he is going to get a lot of healthy DNP-CDs? Or should it be done only if there is a hot player available on the wire? I have been thinking about switching him for Labissiere since I'm desperate for a big man but Hill's last game made me kind of tentative.
  8. I'd say Carroll #1 Biyombo #2 Depending on your needs, Dedmon, Milos and Bogdan could be the way to go as well.
  9. Thanks for your help with mine! Well, this is a tough one and it depends on your needs, but I think I'd go with Levert as well if you don't mind loosing some threes. Jingles is the way to go only if you're looking to improve your efficiency and turnovers. Since he doesn't shoot/score much, he won't hurt you in percentages as Bradley and Levert can from time to time, and he also has less turnovers, but the scoring can be a big issue.
  10. I'm having a surplus of PGs in my team and with the recent news about Sacramento resting their players from now on, I think it might be the time for a change of faces in my team: Would you drop George Hill for one of these players, and if yes, for which one? Khem Birch, Michael Kidd Gilchrist, Skal Labissiere, Jordan Bell, Alex Len WHIR, just post the link to your topic with your comment
  11. 14 team 9cat H2H (currently sitting at 8th place) My team:PG/SG: K. Irving, D. Fox, G. HillSG/SF: J. Butler, K. Middleton, N. Batum, J. Lamb, D. Nwaba, T. Craig SF/PF: E. Ilyasova, TJ WarrenPF/C: N. Jokic, A. Len, IL: Blake Griffin and Seth Curry I got offered Eric Gordon and Marvin Williams for my Batum. Would you pull the trigger? WHIR, just post the link to your topic with your comment.
  12. Then I'd take Dekker without a doubt. Chandler has injury problems and lacks consistency (which could be the case for Dekker, we don't know yet) but Dekker has the highest upside IMO
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