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  1. if you're fine with Dunn's turnovers and fg take Dunn. He has more upside and I don't think LaVine is going to hurt him that much .However Rondo is the safer choice here so it depends: Please help with mine
  2. Yeah I'd take Gasol. I think Fitzdale's firing is a sign that they won't trade Marc and Marc is obviously the better player from the two. Please help with mine
  3. I wouldn't do it. George and CP3 probably have the same value or the margin is almost non-existent but Dragic is still a much better playe than Tatum. I'd take CP3 if I was punting points but overall you're losing more than what you're gaining Please help with mine
  4. Yeah I'd also take that. Kawhi will be back in a month or something like that and Aldridge's value is bound to worsen. Sell him high and enjoy Beal's production all season long. Please help with mine
  5. I'd take Ibaka and Lee definitely. Ibaka is arguably the best player in the deal and Courtney Lee could be the second best. However, at worst Lee is worse than Johnson but Lopez' role will just get worse in the course of the season so I'd pull the trigger.
  6. 14 team league, 9 cat, H2H (currently sitting at 7th place) My team: PG/SG: K. Irving, D. Fox, C.Joseph SG/SF: J. Butler, K. Middleton, N. Batum, J. Lamb, D. Valentine, C. LeVert PF/C: N. Jokic, A. Len, N. Vonleh IL: Blake Griffin and Paul Millsap I think I can get Thaddeus Young, Darren Collison and Robin Lopez for my Khris Middleton. I haven't picked anyone since Griffin got his IL eligibility so I'd only have to drop one player and it would obviously be Cory Joseph. Considering the situation (Griffin and Millsap out for 2 months) I could use some depth and Khris Middleto
  7. Depends. If it's a shallow league than yeah. Otherwise I see why someone would do it but it's still a good trade for you IMO Please help with mine
  8. Exactly, if you can afford to wait for him I'd pick him. He may be back in 5 weeks and if you're doing fine pick him Please help with mine
  9. I'd drop Fox if I were you. Collins has been great so far and he will definitely get better. Fox is more of a liability here, a rookie point guards tend to be inconsistent. Please help with mine
  10. I replied to you in Conley's topic. That trade is awesome for you IMO, Kawhi could be on restrictions and the Popovic factor is always there so random rests seems probable. Thanks for help
  11. If you're punting assists I'd drop him yeah. Lamb is a nice pickup, I'd take him. Take Seth or Nance if you have an IL spot as well. Please help with mine
  12. Jonathan Simmons definitely. He has been bad last 2 games but I think he will turn it around. Buddy Hield is the only alternative here, other guys I guess are hardly rosterable in a 12-teamer. Please help with mine
  13. I'd take Ariza in a heartbeat. DSJ is nice but he will have his ups and downs while Ariza is a perfect glue guy. Threes, steals and rebounds with low turnovers. Yummy Please help with mine
  14. I wouldn't drop Mitchell and I'd take stay put in this trade, Wiggins is overrated IMO Please help with mine
  15. I'd do it yeah. Shame you don't have someone else to drop but Dirk is better than him and will stay that way IMO. Please help with mine
  16. Depends. If you're doing great I wouldn't change anything. What aint broken don't fix it. On the other hand, if you aren't doing pretty bad this trade could prove to be a gamechanger for you (If Gobert has no issues when he returns of course) Please help with mine
  17. If punting assists, CJ's and Harris' side without a doubt. They have both been awesome so far and Garry is underrated af. Please help with mine
  18. CP3 could blossom in this system and could return first round value here. I'd stay put definitely, Booker is overrated IMO.
  19. Which side wins? Also, I'm thinking about offering the same guy my Blake and Jimmy for his Giannis? Thoughts on both? WHIR, just post the link to your topic with your comment
  20. Personally, I'd stay put. KD is arguably the number one player in fantasy bball and definitely in top 5 and I don't think these guys outweigh his value. However this are not awful deals. If I had to pick one of these deals, considering there are no better offers and considering these guys fit your team great, I'd pick the trade with Otto and RoCo. Pls help with mine
  21. If it doesn't fit your team I'd consider either Taj or Oubre. It depends on your needs. Taj would be my choice in a vacuum, but I'd consider Oubre if you want to replace Smart's steals and Bogdanovic if you're desperate for threes. Pls help with mine
  22. Yeah I'd do it. Kemba and Whiteside are beasts and I think together they definitely offer more value than Jokic alone. Do it and don't look back.
  23. Depends on your needs. In a vacuum I'd do it but they offer a bit different stats so it's hard to tell.
  24. I'd take Monroe to be honest. Green has no upside and it wouldn't be a disaster if you dropped him and somebody else picked him up. Greg Monroe is a risk but a risk worth doing IMO
  25. I'd stay put, Monroe's situation is too blurry and it might end up being only a showcase while tyson chandler is ill.
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