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  1. I'd drop Chriss. That frontcourt is overcrowded af and he has been inconsistent even without Monroe.
  2. Take it and run, both deals are steals. Take it and enjoy winning your league, cheers
  3. I wouldn't. Durant is arguably a number one fantasy player and while Gasol and Beal are nice I think Durant's value outweighs theirs. If you're in a need of centers you should think of a different trade IMO
  4. 14 team league H2H 9cat PG/SG: Ullis, Irving SG/SF: Lamb, LeVert, Butler, Valentine, Batum, Stanley Johnson, Jaylen Brown PF/C: Len, Jokic, Griffin, Millsap IL: Monroe, Seth Curry I think I might pull of trading my Jimmy Buckets for his Kawhi Leonard. I'm currently sitting at the 6th spot in my league. Generally this is a high risk - high reward trade but I want to hear some of your opinions. My way of thinking ins that if Kawhi returns around Christmas (which I'd say is maybe even a bit skeptic) and he gets conditioned for 2 weeks I still might get 10 weeks of first round bball
  5. I'd stay put. I mean yeah, Noel is in a doghouse atm but Tyler Johnson? You can only lose if you do this. Drop Noel only if there's a nice pickup Please help with mine
  6. I'd take the Wall side but it's a tough one. Basically if you believe Millsap won't improve much on the new team it makes sense to do this. Wall is furthermore a first rounder and will get better. Please help with mine
  7. I'd take Jrich honestly. Crowder just looks he doesn't really fit into the Cavs. Even if Crowder improves it would be only for a month at most. Please help with mine
  8. I'd take Giannis but it's a close call. If you have built your team around Curry stay put. Even if Giannis outperformed him, it would be by a slight margin. Please help with mine
  9. Yeah, Noel unfortunately hasn't been getting enough minutes and it's unlikely that will change. Take Favors
  10. I like Cousins' side better. It's close IMO but Collison won't stay a top 35 player and Millsap can only get better while Westbrook obviously won't be the last season''s MVP Westbrook. Pls help with mine
  11. Obviously I'd be selling Millsap and Butler low but they have been nothing but headache so far and it's debatable if they will improve to be what they were expected to be considering they are on new teams and their usage has lowered. Kemba and Collison, on the other hand, are balling and LaVine will be Bulls' prime guy when he returns. WHIR, just post the link to your topics and I'll help ASAP
  12. OJ Mayo was brilliant in his rookie season and was good in his second. He didn't succeed because he had bad work habits.
  13. Hahahahha sorry man, while answering I checked both yours and the team of a guy who commented on your topic. So most of my comment still stands, you are a bit short on forwards and not too strong in assists. Honestly it's hard for me to rate teams without seeing the opponents but this seems to be a solid team . Who did you pick if you put Jabari on IR spot? And I'm not too high on Jackson and Monk but they do have upside and if they don't prove to be rosterable you'd have nice 2 streaming spots which is vital in winning a league.
  14. Thanks everyone, I'll stay put. However I'm still thinking to get rid of Boogie since my team could easily be a punt points and ft team in an 8-team league. Maybe Boogie and Holiday for Draymond and Beal?
  15. Thanks for helping on mine. Well, it seems to me that this team has a potential to be a superb punt assist team. You have Seth, Cj, Otto, KAT, Garry Harris which all get huge boosts when punting assists. You'd have to trade Rondo,Draymond and Holiday, maybe also Dragic but that doesn't seem to be a huge problem IMO. Maybe Draymond for Whiteside? Or something like Draymond, Dragic and Holiday for AD and somebody? It's hard to think of a trade without seeing other teams and I don't have much experience with dd leagues but this seems fine and as I sad, I think your team has potential to be a nic
  16. Yeah, I'm in similar position with my forwards since I'm punting FT as well, but getting Durant with the second pick helped you here a lot IMO. You have a lot of great value picks and I think you will do fine this year. On the other hand, you could be a bit short in assists but still not the worst considering you have Dragic, Kemba and Durant. You may have reached for Booker but you got bargains in Gordon, Richardson and Prince. Overall a very solid team. Thanks for helping with mine!
  17. Yep, Dedmon is the one to get rid off. Richardson should definitely not be on any waiver wire.
  18. Definitely Thad Young. I mean, Chriss does have the upside but he will be soooo inconsistent and he has foul trouble and will have to fight for the minutes. Thad Young offers you a huge amount of steals while not hurting you anywhere (ft is bad but on such small volume that it's negligible) http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/677138-boogie-for-wall-whir/
  19. Drop Willy IMO. He will be having a hard time getting enough minutes next to Noah, Kanter and Quinn and Richardson will ofer much more value than him. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/677138-boogie-for-wall-whir/
  20. Depends what stats you need. Monroe will offer more points and steals while also giving a nice amount of out-of-position assists. On the other hand, Dedmon will get you more rebounds, blocks and a better FG.
  21. With Exum out Mitchell is the player to go. His upside is definitely higher and if he doesn't prove to be rosterable you will be able to get a player from the wire not much worse than Grant IMO.
  22. Yahoo 8 league 9cat H2H PG/SG: Steph Curry, CP3, Conley, Jrue Holiday, Lowry SG/SF/PF: JJ Reddick, Gary Harris, Thaddeus Young PF/C: Boogie, DeAndre, Drummond, Capela, Noel I'd be trading my Boogie for his Wall. Would you do it? I'd loose a lot of rebounds and blocks while also loosing threes and turnovers while getting assists and steals. But on the other hand it seems that it might not be too much of a lost since I have Capela, DeAndre, Drummond and Noel for those cats as well. Would you do it? WHIR, just paste the link to your topic with your comment.
  23. Of course, Chriss is just too raw at the moment and Okafor is likely to get traded. If he doesn't you can always drop him. Although if he does get traded still don't expect too much from him.
  24. Gary Harris (foot), Darrell Arthur (knee), Wilson Chandler (hip) are all listed as probable for Saturday's game vs. the Knicks. Nothing we should worry about or? I really need him today
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