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  1. If I see Glennon throw to a TE over the middle one more time I might throw up.
  2. Jags coaches trying to get fired? Why keep Glennon in after the last drive he fumbled away? Now a saftey? SMH.
  3. Hopefully we see Minshew next drive. That last play by Glennon was about as bad as it gets.
  4. Couldn't really see what happened because he was tackled by so many defenders. He limped badly off the field.
  5. Not true. He hurt it late in the game when they were trying to run out the clock. He was covering up the ball with both arms and wasn’t trying to gain any yards. Just basically gave himself up just trying to protect the ball and got injured on the gang tackle. Had he been protecting the ball and actually fighting a little he probably wouldn’t have got hurt.
  6. Agreed. If we are just looking at the box score Fulgham totally sucked the past two weeks. If you actually watched the games Fulgham hasn't been getting the looks.
  7. Don't trust Chark with Glennon. Samuel is coming off injury he could be getting eased back in.
  8. Starting this week over Chark, Fulgham, Samuel. Not to confident with any of these guys but Pittman is trending in the right direction. Beast with the ball in his hands, if they keep finding ways to get it to him he will produce.
  9. James Robinson, Josh Jacobs, Salvon Ahmed for me. I got CEH, J Taylor, Ballage on the bench.
  10. There is still hope he can get healthy and produce if you need a TE. I’m considering picking him up. My Jonnu has been getting the TDs but the targets/catches/yardage are lacking.
  11. Again drafted and started Robinson week 1. The coaches couldn't help themselves talking about how excited they were about Robinson leading up to the opener. Took a chance and it worked out for me.
  12. Drafted Jefferson as well. Dropped after week 2...smh!
  13. The ankle injury has crippled his fantasy numbers. He looked great week 8 or 9 early in the game. Had an electric 30 yard catch and run but came up hobbled again on the play. EDIT: It was week 9 early in the first quarter. He only had 2 more targets the rest of that game.
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