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  1. hasn't had an opportunity to catch much else.
  2. well that was a fun and VERY short ride.
  3. Lowest point total in a week I face Bullock. Extra salt in the wound of my sophie's kicker choice earlier.
  4. well I am ready to drop, will hold till trade deadline, but that's it.
  5. guess we are just going to ignore Claypool today. greeeeat
  6. I ended up flexing him, but it was nearly a coin flip between him and Hockenson. Needless to say, I have no confidence I made the right call.
  7. Three weeks (out of six) of 10 yards or less from a second round pick I think allows for a bit of panic. You are not wasting a second round pick on a Mecole Hardman like player, but that is what we have here - someone you cannot commit to a starting position.
  8. Was hoping for a bit more out of Chark. Really hurts my team this week.
  9. Lol, didn't realize I was part of such a large club. Good luck to us all, i am sure we will all make the wrong call somehow.
  10. I dropped him after the injury and picked up Bullock on the Bengals who has done pretty well too. Can't believe with a 1-3 team, I am sitting here stressing over to pick up a kicker or not. FF messes with your head.
  11. I dropped him. Got burned two weeks in a row with no brighter forecast on the horizon.
  12. Well I do need an RB1, but also could use a WR1 thanks to Evans' usage.
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