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  1. @Boudewijn. Thank you. What do you think it's going to take to get a top 5 back. Probably not going to be easy to get.... OBJ, Carson? Add a pick?
  2. Qb-big Ben, Daniel Jones Rb-mixon, sanders, Carson, Ronald Jones, Vaughn, Edmonds, duke, Evans, Dillon, Snell Wr- golladay, Beckham, chark, Jefferson, diontae, lazard, Preston williams, AB Te- Hurst, Jarwin I was offered Lockett, Andrews and 2021 1st For OBJ and Carson Ten team .5 PPR First year in dynasty and this is my startup roster. What's your thoughts.
  3. I'll take it. tony@northeastboat.com
  4. i understad but we have 5 . ill pay just need to see fillimg up
  5. imim in immjoiin will pay when clsod to fi,m,sslow a** i hvive gt
  6. forget this got to drunk... justngonna join one
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