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  1. Anyone want to set one up $25 snake or auction ? 10 or 12
  2. I'll join. But we need to show more ppl before I'll commit my money.
  3. I can pay and draft. I just want to make sure we have enough before I commit
  4. Hammertime I wil put your refund request in after the draft. Thanks
  5. hey sorry i saw your team name above. isuckatdfs. will you ride this out as a 10 teamer and start now?
  6. Id like to do it tonight if we can. I can never get my daughters to bed by 8. There has to be 1 more
  7. I should have done that. I already booted him. Still need one more that can pay now.
  8. No this is a new person.That guy messaged me and apologized. Thought it was snake
  9. All are paid up. Need one more. Ill open the draft room as soon as it will let me and pause til we are all there.
  10. Im up for it. Lets just make sure we are all paid and can start the draft right away
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