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  1. Thats not a bad way gets the winner a good chunk of the change and 5 others a chance to get their money back
  2. ill put a poll up after the draft for payouts and we can vote on it
  3. I want it to get to 12 too.Ill give it a fair chance for sure
  4. If we get 10 we will run with that. Stay around so we can draft as soon as we fill and pay
  5. Man there were so many ppl looking until it actually got setup. We have 5 in right now
  6. Does that become too hard with the other two guys already in though? Or can I change the league dues on leaguesafe
  7. I would have done $50 too. I just wanted to try and make sure it filled tonight @Fredbear
  8. I wanted to add a wr and a flex to the roster but forgot trying to get it setup so fast. Oh well
  9. http://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=65781045&inviteId=e9bfc0e2-be10-4a28-9318-82b8a5f28e0b https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3905188
  10. He never got back to me. It looks like there are 8 ppl looking around in the forum for a 25-50 draft if someone is willing to set up a 12I bet we could fill quick and draft right away
  11. or email me for invite tony@northeastboat.com 830 eastern
  12. Fantasy.espn.com/football/league?leagueId=75443205 $25 superflex ppr league. Drafting at 830. League safe account is linked in the ESPN league page Need 10
  13. And are u still drafting around 830 or 9
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