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  1. There will be a great receiver for them in round 2. There won't be a Sewell replacement. They'd be certifiable to turn him down.
  2. Akers for me. Mainly because of the team he plays for and the gamescripts they're likely to be in.
  3. Not looking hopeful right now is it. Not seen a single link to any franchise yet.
  4. Haha. Yep, no point doing anything if there's no money in it.
  5. Alright mate jeez. A 1000/1+ decimal playoff draw isn't exactly something you bother discussing in a non money league between friends who just wanna have a bit of fun and enjoy the sport. Good commissioners try to make it fun for everyone and we're all having fun making it up in the fly.
  6. The Chip is for winners. Neither won. Neither can feel truly aggrieved.
  7. I'm glad we didn't prepare. Today has been glorious fun trying to sort out the aftermath. Must have been 10,000 whatsapp messages shared between 14 of us. We're doing Vikings kicker vs Saints kicker first to score 5 points or highest overall score. Higher seed gets choice of which.
  8. Reduces the other semi final victors chances from 50% to 33% though. He shouldn't suffer cos the other two couldn't get the W
  9. We've had a semi final tie in my league. 124.06 each. Absolute mayhem right now trying to work out what to do. I don't think regular season records, overall points scored or bench points should count. Hoping for a stat correction but feels unlikely. Thinking about doing some sort of Vikings-Saints showdown. One of them asking for a 3 way final which seems harsh on the other semi final winner so probably not gonna happen.
  10. Tremendous. Looks the part. Now I don't need to think about this awful position in the draft.
  11. And then the question comes back round, would you have any interest in him if he was under those coaches? If winning fantasy games is your aim, probly not.
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