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  1. Not sure what that means lol... when I hear crab...I think of Winston
  2. Watson vs cincy Lamar vs giants I have watson with the better match up
  3. Lol exactly.... but he has such a bad matchup and Beasley has a great matchup
  4. I wouldn't risk playing an injured player.... go hunt
  5. Carson playing Washington and they r tough vs the run.... but hard to sit a stud that gets lots of touches .....so I would say either Montgomery or jrob.... go with the best matchup
  6. Lockett vs Washington (hasn't allowed a slot wr to score more then 12 points) Beasley vs Denver (going up against a waiver wire this week at cb)
  7. Akers....kamara .....jacobs (if mosert is out then wilson)
  8. I am leaning hill here... his rushing gives him the edge and should be a shoot out
  9. Goedert for sure.... hurts its a rookie and rookies love tes.....
  10. Colts vs Houston Cards vs eagles (hurts) Titans vs lions (possibly daniels at qb) Bills vs Denver At the moment I have the colts but I love that titans matchup if Daniels plays.... Pick 1 please
  11. Ppr Jacobs vs chargers (Thursday night) Akers vs jets Beasley vs Denver (up against a waiver wire add at cb) As of now I have jacobs but leaning heavy towards Akers with Jacobs banged up and on Thursday night) I love Beasley matchup also but consider sitting lockett (wr2) for Beasley
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