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  1. Great. I gave up more than I’ll admit for Sanders since thus is all you gave lmao... granted was before the injury. Nice job!
  2. AB sadly probably has more value for whatever reason. Not only do you gotta deal with him coming back late but also a late bye. Best case scenario you get 5 great weeks from him. Worst case with Boyd you get 5 catches for 50 yds. I’d much rather give AB
  3. I’d take the upside if Reagor with your team. Do the other guys have a chance to hit 20 at all? Sterling might but I’d go with the most talented player
  4. All day everyday. Sanders is dynamic. I love him. Monty is slow and is literally never going to get you 30 points unless he gets 3 TDs. I gave 0 interest in him
  5. I’m probably higher in Brown than anyone and have been lower on Evans than anyone for about 3 years now. This is tough though. Cowgirls might be worse than the Jags ah this point lol. Honestly I think I’d rather give up Gibson than Robinson. Almost done with bye and he’s looked great. I think they showed that they want to just feed the guy no matter what. Finally realized Mjnshew isn’t the guy who should gave the ball lol. I think it’s a decent deal but tough. I’d try and get a better RB than Zeke but probably still do Th e deal regardless, trying to give up Gibson first
  6. Never fun having two RBs on the same team no matter how good they are. Great value for Chubb tho if you’re 100% making the playoffs. If you’re in the hunt then no. You have the depth to do it
  7. I sent - MT + Gordon I got - Keenan Allen + Swift RB - Sanders / Robinson / Henderson / RoJo / *Swift* WR - Julio / AJ Brown / Diggs / Deebo / *Allen* Thoughts?
  8. Bears. Their defense is real good and Goff isn’t scared to turn that thing over
  9. Pretty close. I’m huge on AJB but idk.. I’d probably rather have Sanders abd that’s the big one for me. I’d hold
  10. They’ll both guarantee you 3. If probabky go with Woods if I need 3. Better (?) QB and easier individual matchup
  11. Mmmmmmmmmm yes. Maybe. I guess. Maybe. Yes. I guess. Yes. I think so. As a Julio owner I wouldn’t trade him for Zeke. I think in it’ll be a struggle ROS abd you need the WR more. I guess so tho. Try to claim a RB with upside lime Coleman coming off IR maybe
  12. Allen could get benched too. He hasn’t blown the socks off of anyone. I don’t think they bench Lock, KC is a sneaky pass D
  13. So both had decent games. I like that I read this post cause it’s a lesson... just cause Herbert had the better hand in hindsight does that mean you did the right thing? No. You made the wrong move... but sometimes you gotta lol. Sometimes you gotta make the gutsy calls when you’re feeling them. Good job!
  14. Lock for sure. No reason really I just like Lock more as a QB WAS unfortunately DONT get to **** on the Cowgirls every week
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