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  1. Sitting in first place (by only a game) with no IR spot. 10 team H2H 9 cat. I have Jaren Jackson Jr. and Richaun Holmes. Should I drop either of them for any of the following: Elfrid Payton, Kevin Porter Jr., Larry Nance or Coby White.
  2. 10 team H2H 9 cat, 1st place, looking for best playoff team. With Barnes in Sac and Ellington in Det (assume he will be when making judgement), is Ellington in a better position to perform than Bogdan? Detroit has an extra game (I believe) in my champ round (April 1-10).
  3. 10 team H2H 9cat. I'm in first place and looking to bolster for the playoffs. No need to worry about position balance. I'm looking at picking up Okafor, and wondering if I should drop any of these guys: Teague, Porter Jr., G. Harris, Bogdan Bogdanovic. I feel like Porter and G. Harris are keepers. Bogdan is solid. Teague is always injured and I don't feel like I can depend on him anymore. Mind you that I have Kevin Love sitting around too. Teague for Okafor?
  4. I could drop Rubio too, actually. So, guess I'm asking whether to drop Collison or Rubio for Love.
  5. Hey all, H2H 9 cat. Got a great team with 12 guys I can't drop. Sitting in 2nd. Kevin Love is on the wire. The one guy I could drop is Collison. Is the upside of Love worth it? Mind you, there's a good chance Collison rides the bench a week or two over the playoffs, so I'm looking for the best options come the final week of playoffs (Apr. 2-11). Both have 5 games that week. I haven't followed the Cavs after the trade, so I'm not sure how he'll fit in. Any help is appreciated!
  6. Hey guys, Someone dropped THJ in my league and he seems like a nice pickup off waivers. The only guys I could consider dropping are Darren Collison, Ricky Rubio, and Jaylen Brown (I have a pretty nice team). Rubio is playing like trash, but I don't have a high assist PG and he seems to turn it around in the second half of the season...so I should probably keep him? Is it worth the add if I have to drop one of these guys?
  7. Is Murray a definite drop if Bledsoe comes to Denver for Mudiay/Faried?
  8. Great read! I'm leaning toward this logic too. Plus I'm a little scared by KD's injury last year. If I had him in the playoffs I wouldn't have lost in the championship. I'm a little nervous about carrying both KD and Kawhi and betting on luck that I'll have them both in the playoffs. Plus, if KD and Jokic can both average 5+ assists that'll lessen the impact of maybe not picking a PG until around 50.
  9. Unfortunately trades aren't allowed prior to or during the draft. For what it's worth, in the 10/5 or 10/6 rotoworld podcast, they said take Jokic over Kawhi and it's not even a question. Think the lingering injury is a concern.
  10. Thanks for the great insight. Based on who I think others in the league are keeping, I think there will be a shortage of PGs until I pick around 50 (where there's good value). So I could still get someone like Millsap, M. Turner, B. Lopez for blocks at the end of our first round. This is a tough one though.
  11. I'm a little confused by this though b/c Rotoworld projects Jokic to have only 1.5 turnovers (elite) and Kawhi to have 2.1 (decent). I guess I don't see the logic in saying you have to punt with Jokic.
  12. My bad. First forum post if the new season. It’s a 10 team standard H2H. Can’t trade anyone. Whoever I don’t goose gets dumped back into the draft. I’ll draft at the end of the new first round so I won’t get whoever I let go. Not looking to punt anything.
  13. Hey all, our league has two keepers (everyone has to be turned over every two years) and I'm in a very good spot with KD, Kawhi Leonard, and Nikola Jokic. I can keep 2 and one is going to be KD. I default to thinking I should continue with KD and Kawhi, but I'm now thinking to pair KD with Jokic. I'd love your thoughts.
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