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  1. Was in need of defensive stats and I'm able to take a hit on scoring. Though, this will hit my assists. Is it worth to you guys? Thanks 12 team 9cat h2h
  2. Got an offer for my fox and Keldon for Lowry and oubre. 12 team 9cat. Should I take this offer? Fox has been balling but I was also looking to up my defensive stats. Thanks!
  3. Somebody offered their Collins + b Clarke for my fox. 9cat 12 team. Should I take Collins?
  4. Hey all, was offered John Collins + Brandon Clarke for my DeAaron Fox. My team is lacking in blocks but this would put a hit to my steals as well and Fox has been ballin lately. What do you guys think? Should I pull the trigger? Thanks
  5. Got an offer for Donovan Mitchell for my Brogdon in a 9cat. My initial thoughts was to decline, Brogdon has been amazing so far. But Mitchell has been heating up lately. Thanks
  6. Got offered Draymond green for Keldon Johnson. Before tonight's game I would have said no but there seemed to be some life in green. What do you guys think? Thanks.
  7. 14 team competitive league. Only guys that are interesting on the free agent pool is Jordan Poole, divincenzo, mykhailiuk, temple and mills. Is Jackson's value comlpletely gone? And off yeah who should be picked up? Thanks
  8. Hello all, recieved a trade offer for my kyrie irving for his Jamal Murray and Dillon Brooks. 14team league 9cat. My team is really hurting right now and most recent update says kyrie could be out 2-4 weeks. I don't really have the luxury to wait that long as I'm out of the playoffs at the moment. I also have Bledsoe and Otto porter injured on my team with only 1 IR spot. What are your thoughts? Thanks
  9. Trade proposal in 14 team league. My Kevin Love, Mike Conley and Isaiah Thomas for his D'Angelo Russell and Terry Rozier. Punting FG% and Turnovers. Pull the trigger? I'm guessing yes
  10. Thinking of picking him up. I have 3rd on waiver order. Is it worth using a waiver on him? I would be dropping Tyus Jones who I needed his assists/steals boost. Worth losing the assists that I kind of needed for the overall better production from bridges? and if yes should I use the waiver? Thanks. 14 team H2H 9cat
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