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  1. I will also take some blame for this, having picked him up at the start of the week..
  2. For what it's worth - I've moved him for Derrick White
  3. I think i tend to agree - if you've ever had the displeasure of watching a Wizards game (which i did, as i had TBJ, IT and Bryant) you'll see alot of what they do is play Beal ball - and everyone else is a distant second option at best. If IT moves back to the bench, he might have more value.
  4. Cody Zeller down - so our boy should get some minutes at the 5 if he's out for a bit..
  5. If this is anything to go by, he'll get the bulk of minutes at C until Vuc is back..
  6. Should get extra mins and shots on a team who'll now be missing their 1st and 3rd scoring options - definitely worth a flier! It's either him JI or Fultz who'll stand up in the absence of AG and Vooch
  7. Funny you mention Mirotic - i traded him for Collins.. The thing with LNJ’s value is, it’s possibly at its peak right now - so the trades you can get today, will be better than ones you receive later this week as TT could very well tank his value starting this wednesday. If i remember correctly Drew is on record as saying the starting C position would be matchup based - and this week the Cavs verse Whiteside, Gobert and Anthony Davis.. so if TT is fit, i imagine he starts against the bigger C’s.
  8. A lot of differing opinions on what is going to happen here.. i am very torn - i have an offer on the table of LNJ + Knox for Winslow + Jarrett Allen, which i am very tempted to take.. but the upside of LNJ is huge and with 96 minutes to go around the PF/C roles between him, KLove and TT - is 26-30 mins really out of the question?
  9. I agree - he’s in a situation that has potential to make anyone who can dump 3’s and finish at the rim very fantasy relevant. This however is going to come down to minutes - does he slot straight into CP3’s allocated lot or? I can’t decide whether to take the plunge now, or risk someone else scooping him up while i contemplate..
  10. So difficult to make a decision here with regards to picking him up or waiting - namely: a) How long is Bradley out for? b ) Who is running the point, him or Pat Bev? c) Can he shoot 3's?! as a Pat Bev owner, and Pat Bev being the only person i can drop - i'll be watching this game closely!
  11. very sorry to hear! Nothing you can do but laugh, really - what were the chances after 2 games (one that he couldnt score in) of 17 mins or under, not due to foul trouble - he would show up like this vs Deandre Jordan? 34 mins, 13/10/3/3/1 - crazy stuff!
  12. Cheer up, I drafted Bjelica and cut him before the season began for Poeltl, i also picked up Robinson at the beginning of this week, but dropped him just before tip-off after i saw twitter go insane because Boban was starting.. You win some, you lose some - it’s a bad feeling, but there isn’t much you can do about it now!
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