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  1. Ya that’s tough. So basically out ROS i have him in dynasty with no IL but I love his game.. and Bledsoe sucks/ lonzo is injury prone haha really don’t wanna cut
  2. I genuinely don’t understand why Stanley Johnson is playing more minutes than norm Powell
  3. Probably concussion he got a helmet to helmet .... RIP he was literally inches away from falling into a TD And good chance he’s out for the game
  4. Would keep the team JJJ is hurt and not starting the season porzingis is solid but hurt too much, sit B2B randomly
  5. Thankyou.. I had 9th pick and harden was there I couldn’t pass up... I wanted tatum, trae or booker but all were gone. Tried to go contending but also a solid young core of guys to contend for the entire 5 years with multiple cats until playoffs where I like to focus on 5-6
  6. You have a very high risk injury prone, mentally weak team.. if they perform and don’t get hurt you’ll win the league
  7. I’d pass Wouldn’t want any of those, siakam will be good this year
  8. For a points league I like it. Shai is a league winner
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