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  1. Appreciate it guys, I went ahead and kept Nurk and will work the Auction for the rest!
  2. If you get Curry I would go for a big. Curry has always been above average for a guard rebounding but I wouldn't doubt that falling off in a major way this year. He's the old man now, plenty of youth on the court to remain springy and get to those. If you get a shot, i'm running out of time! https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/833511-keepers-lock-in-2-hours-could-use-a-little-help-please/
  3. Could use some help with picking keepers in my 12 team 9 cat H2H Auction Draft. We are drafting using ESPN's values this year. I have some decent options but they are all expensive: ($250 Budget) KAT $69 Saikam $40 Collins: $24 Nurkic $13 S. Adams $10 C. Capela $17 M. Fultz $5 I can Keep up to 3 I really only see Nurkic as a good option. Collins could also be cheap, but we are drafting on ESPN and they have such a crazy low value on him right now at $16 that 25 feels like an overpay. A lot of my keeper plans fell apart with lingering injuries to JJJ and Isaac so I'm trying to get value where I can find it! I can also just bank everything and go to work on the Auction but it always feels nice to have a few guys you believe in. Thanks for any advice guys, really appreciate it!
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