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  1. Alright, until the wheels fall off then!! Makes much more sense for LMA to get going against other teams' bench players.
  2. Thanks man. Yeah I held thinking LMA would still need to be eased back in. But, then I remembered he wasn't even doing much prior to the injury.
  3. So I have both Poeltl and LMA now. I need to hang on both, yes?
  4. Thanks man. Sucks because I think I remember that there was a lot of buzz around him pre-season.
  5. He was just dropped in my league so here I am. Looks like he's been pretty frustrating to own but what does ROS look like for him?
  6. RoLo has 5 games this week but he's inconsistent. Time Lord also available. I've been losing the last two weeks with PPDs, etc.
  7. I second this. Picked him up before the last two games and he's been great. I'm in an 18 teamer also.
  8. Sooo they just guaranteed his contract and are now like "Oh, yeah. We're good actually. There's the door"?? Do we hold or is this man a drop now?
  9. I actually just scooped him up and dropped Vanderbilt.
  10. I scooped him off waivers 4 days ago. Been waiting for a line like this!! Had him in prior seasons. Hopefully this dude woke up!
  11. How about Monk with Graham out? He played well after Graham left the game last night.
  12. Loving these deep league recommendations. Thanks for answering the special request!!
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