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  1. I went from: "who is this guy?" to: "He is the hero I needed!"
  2. So, the idea is to not play KAT to hopefully get another KAT at the next draft? So then next year they can sit both KAT and Edwards and finish last again, meaning that the original KAT wants then to leave?
  3. I am struggling to understand Bertans' value. I have him in my team, but I am punting 3s. Who should I target for a trade of a similar value to Bertans? Main need couls be stocks or points
  4. come on, once he was the king of garbage time XD
  5. Overview of my week: - Wall skips monday's game - Pritchard taken as a streamer. I get a game with 3pts+1ast. Thats's all... - Towns comes back unexpected, game missed (IL) - Maledon gets COVID - Jrue gets COVID - Cole Anthony gets injured - Shai misses wednesday's game - Get Mason to fill in for Anthony. Mason gets injured - Plumlee, Cole and Mason all miss Thursday's games - Plumlee, Cole and Shai all miss Friday's game - Mitchell Robinson gets injured At least I won't be losing turnovers this week.... I expect Grant
  6. that seems odd.. So he is worth...Beal or Lillard? I mean: pts, 3pts, ft and assists are below decency... The other categories are good, in particular the blocks, but that's it... I mean, he isnt very different from a Poeltl. Or a Plumlee, who gives extra assists in exchange for higher turnovers...
  7. Say all you want, but I'm happy to take 7 boards, 3 steals and 1 block, while not hurting in any of FG, FT, AST or TOV. Yes, he is hurting in PTS and 3PTS. Sure, not the best of games, and he is not a top 20-30-40-50. But he is still solid, fantasy wise.
  8. Completely insane line. When he doesn't put himself in foul trouble, he is a beast
  9. I see this in a pretty simple way. Nuggets are not contenders (like they were not last year) unless they manage to convert MPJ into a semi-star at least. So far, it has not been succesful. However, it might be their best card to play.
  10. The non existing offensive game might actually be a bonus for fantasy. He wont take too many shots that aren't layups or dunks -> fg% increases. Low turnovers. Low FT. Double double with 1-2 assists and 2 blk at 60% fg means easily a top 60-80 for the time he will have these minutes.
  11. after 5 weeks I received the offer KAT+Jrue for my AD. Accepted instantly tbh... AD got then traded for Durant.. The new owner now is asking for KAT+Jrue back. Big no Anyways I dont see a big difference between AD and KAT. Apart from jokic, the other first rounders have very similar value imho.
  12. My first pick (2nd overall): AD. My second pick (27 overa): Nurkic. Traded AD for Towns one game before Towns got injured, then got Covid. 14 teams, week 8. No playoffs. Currently unbeaten. I have NO IDEA how. Jrue, Derozan, Holmes, Grant, Plumlee and Thad Young are doing miracles. I actually wanted to take AD back, as a possible buy low now. The asking price is KAT+Jrue... I think I'll be fine without AD.... 😅
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