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  1. I'd prefer Ayton. I think he has higher potential. Your team is definitely not punt assist if you lose Simmons.
  2. 20 team 9 cat roto - my DeAndre Jordan for Gary Harris. I feel like Jordan has the higher floor but lower ceiling along with a shut down risk later in the season. Any preferences? Could use Gary's 3s but I'll miss DeAndre fg%. Thanks in advance and looking to help in return!
  3. Hi all, Appreciate the help. 20 team 9 cat roto league I'm currently #5. I'm first in FG,FT but dead last in 3s. Was offered Covington for Clarke and could really use the 3s. Any thoughts on ROS? I like Clarke's upside a bit more but Covington addresses my 3s.
  4. Interested in team 2. What are the league settings ? Briantrongho@yahoo.com
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