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  1. Cousins and Tucker are pretty much goneski and I read theyre open to moving Dipo on. That would open up significantly more touches and playing time for Tate and Nwaba.
  2. He's a better rebounder than what's projected. Statsbrook takes away a lot of easy boards while he just boxes out
  3. Don't wanna get yall too erect but he could low key become 2nd option on offense
  4. ^^And so are these It's lame post inception
  5. It's a sacrificial lame post so that he doesn't post this kinda ish forever
  6. Cool story. Seriously though, these posts are pointless.
  7. On ridiculous FG%. Nothing to see here /thread
  8. Lamb off the bench is the best possible scenario. Not sure why its taken this long to figure it out. Lamb is a guy that can go get a bucket at will. Why woild you waste him in the starting unit when the bench unit it TJ, Holidays, Doug, Goga.
  9. He's rendered useless in the starting lineup. Brogdon and Sabonis are such fn hogs
  10. He's literally known for his monster lines. Not surprised people are disappointed. He's not really grabbing this opportunity by the balls.
  11. Lakers 100% want to sign him to an extension. With his bird rights they can offer him a backloaded deal (say 4 years) I believe could be 10.2m over the first 2 years then 30m the remaining 2 when Bron and AD contracts are done. It's something like that.
  12. I genuinely hate owning this dude. Plays with no heart and makes some suspect decision making. In my draft I needed a PG with my pick at the end of the 4th and literally Fred, Zach, Lowry, Ja, Fox all went off the board in quick succession that round, so I had to pick this bum up. Never again. Rather shitt in my hands and clap
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