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  1. I was hoping for that Hill punt return, would have been magic.
  2. Have Hill vs Goff and Rams defense with a 15 point lead and lose even tho Hill drops a 40 bomb.
  3. Marcus Cannon I think? It was just reported on espn not sure but they said was the guy that lines up against Mack so he will be against a backup.
  4. Colts or Bears with the report of Patriots offensive lineman across Mack is injured?
  5. Have Cooks vs Kupp, 0 points for Cook and injury while Kupp goes out only after getting 20+ points, I have Crosby who since he made 1 fg he put me back to 0 for a kicker and after all that I make a miracle comeback to win with Hopkins vs his Watson to only find out I lose because of a stat correction of a game way earlier in the day. WTF
  6. 8 point Wilson, 4 point Miller I had to start because bye, 8 point Conner an now I have to sweat a 117-117 Reek vs Hunt matchup thanks to his 16 point kicker.
  7. I wish I plugged in Eckler over Miller, why can't my JAG's get an O before the game.
  8. I had Miller he had Howard. Wilson please don't fail me.
  9. Glad I was against brown last week. Still looking for something more for JuJu.
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