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  1. CMC, Mandrews, and...Breshad Perriman 😂
  2. before Week 8, traded Tyler Lockett, James White, and Alex Mattison for DeAndre Hopkins. Now I’m about to play the team I traded those guys to in the Final next week. Instantly made both of our teams better.
  3. Luck based game that takes skill to put you in the best situations (especially when the chips are down). As Aaron Eckhart Harvey Dent once said, "I make my own luck". Edit: I have made the playoffs every year in my big money league, but I've never won. Am I skillfully unlucky?
  4. Cool. In the meantime, keep jacking off into your Josh Allen jersey.
  5. Hold. I’m holding out of necessity because the waiver wire is a wasteland for WRs at the moment and may need to start him this week due to Sanders injury.
  6. Picked him up Monday for the RoS, but now I'm really leaning towards dropping him for Minshew who just became available. There's no one else remotely good to pickup in the waiver wire wasteland. I'll swallow the pill and wait for Darnold to get past Jacksonville and consider him again when his schedule is favorable. For some reason, I watched the whole game (not a fan of either teams) and the Jets top to bottom were awful, but Darnold looked straight up broken out there. Inexcusable turnovers that would made Peterman look like a viable QB option.
  7. Doubled up on Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams this week and it paid off...except for the fact that Mahomes went down and Chase Edmonds put up 35 on my bench. I would've won if Edmonds was in or if Mahomes didn't die. Bright side is I have Darnold as my QB now! (please shoot me).
  8. I don’t even know what to do anymore. Just hope the luck eventually breaks our way down the stretch.
  9. My team is now 3-3 but I’m the highest scoring in the league. I’ve just been dumped on in my three losses. Tonight I needed 15 from Aaron Jones in 1ppr. He gets 8. That dropped TD catch would’ve won me the game. f--- Matt LaFleur
  10. Subscribe. Need 15 from Jones in 1ppr. Hope he gets 30 instead.
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