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  1. seems fine to me...you can't veto a trade like that
  2. I think I'd go Landry too...Hyde seems a little too unpredictable. Thanks for the help on mine
  3. I'd stick with what you have, you have solid WRs and don't need to give up the best RB in the league thanks for the help on mine
  4. Chark for sure and after that I'd probably go with Samuels and hope he gets peppered with targets
  5. I think I'd lean Carr for this week. Thanks for the help on mine!
  6. I'm leaning toward ARob as well with the good matchup. Just tough to sit Gallup when he's been producing so much. thanks!
  7. I wouldn't do that trade in a keeper league...especially with 2QBs. Mahomes will be good for years.
  8. I think I'd go with Jones based on matchup/weapons, but it's close
  9. I think I'd keep Sanu, but the pats are unpredictable for sure, so it's a tough call.
  10. Who should I go with as my WR2 this week? Gallup vs. NE or ARob vs. NYG?? I'm torn and need to win to stay in the playoff picture. WHIR 100%
  11. I'd still roll with Jackson...With his rushing he gives you a decent floor even if he puts up a stinker.
  12. Tempted to bench him for Josh Allen...but no. He's been too consistent to bench against anyone.
  13. If he doesn't get more touches or produce a little this week I'm probably going to cut bait. He's been a waste of a roster spot.
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