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  1. I think all 3 have been inconsistent but that's too much to give up.
  2. PPR league Offered Kyler for Moore. My other WR are Golladay, Woords, Chark, and Mclaurin. So I think I can do without Moore but haven't seen much of Murray. How has he looked? Currently streaming QB.
  3. Slayton if you're not worried about Fuller's inevitable injury.
  4. It's hard to get excited about Giants offense but Lewis would be a better short term start. Since you said you're not looking short term, go Hines.
  5. Currently have White/Golladayin IR. Need to move them out. My bench is Ingram, Chark, Swift, Gibson, Hines. Dropping Hines/White to free up IR spots. Would it be worth dropping Ingram for one of in PPR: - Fournette - Gaskin - Higbee (Have Hurst) - Mike Davis / McKinnon (might be worth adding if injuries are long term) Higbee and Fournette were dropped too close to game time so went straight to waivers. Have 3rd spot. Would drop for Fournette but what about the others? Between illegible players in IR and waivers tomorrow not enough time for a trade.
  6. Thanks. Will still need to ultimately drop two get Sanders/Golladay off of IR assuming they play. Leaning Gibson/Swift due to the crowded backfields.
  7. 10 team PPR RB - Drake, Scott, Ingram, Swift, White, Gibson WR - Moore, Chark, Woods, McLaurin TE - Hurst IR - Sanders, Golladay I'm on ESPN so threw out some waiver claims while Sanders/Golladay was still out: Drop Scott for Hines/Malcolm Brown/Snell/James Robinson Drop Hurst for Goedert Or sit on #1 waiver? Either way will need to drop two assuming Sanders/Golladay play. Any obvious drops?
  8. Thanks. I do have #1 waiver pick so could pick him back up but I he fell pretty far in my draft so don't think anyone in my league is high on him this year.
  9. 4pt Td. With golladay out leaning Ben for the better matchup. Hoping Ben isn't too rusty.
  10. Guess I should've added a /s to the title. I think there's maybe 1-2 trades per year in my league so sounds like dropping my kicker for a handcuff until week 1 Drake/Sanders status is cleared up.
  11. Could use more depth at RB but I think Ingram/Singletary should see enough volume to be decent RB2/flex plays.
  12. Like everyone else planned on going heavy in RB but WRs kept falling so definitely didn't end up with a team like i thought I would. Drafting 2 RB that might be hurt isn't idea..... 10 team PPR, 10th pick (1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1te, 1flex, def, k): 1.10 - Sanders 2.1 - Drake 3.10 - Moore 4.1 - Golladay 5.10 - Woods 6.1 - Mclaurin 7.10 - Ingram 8.1 - Chark 9.10 - Swift 10.1 - White 11.10 - Stafford 12.1 - Hurst 13.10 - Bears 14.1 - Gay
  13. Going against Lamar, CMC, and Parker in the finals and winning by 1 because butker missed an extra point
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