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  1. Yeah, I'm not sure I see anyone particularly exciting on waivers that would warrant you dropping anyone. Thanks for mine!
  2. Juju and Gallup. If Julio doesn’t play, put in gage instead of Gallup
  3. I’d absolutely do both of these trades. Clearly upgrading your team
  4. I’d go Lewis. He’s gonna have a solid PPR floor this week from a volume perspective. Next up would be Harry. Cam is on fire
  5. Yeah, agreed. That’s why I’m hesitant to give up more than Robinson. Thanks!
  6. The point I’d make on both Johnson and Claypool is you have to weigh this against Ben’s effectiveness. They’ve probably got 2-3 more years max before Ben calls it. But agree that Claypool looks solid until then I personally would drop the Rams D to pick up Claypool for this season, but might try to get Higgins later on in the season and actually keep him. Think Higgins has the better long-term upside with Burrow throwing to him but Claypool is the better player this year
  7. Yeah, CeeDee. Rivers and Hilton isn’t doing it for me
  8. I’d make the trade. I’m selling on DJ even though you’re right he has a solid floor just from a volume perspective. Ravens were definitely a tough matchup, but the only thing we’ve seen is a solid week 1 after a pretty bad season last year
  9. Who’s the IR player? Did their team already play this week?
  10. Fournette no question. If Julio sits, then Gage I think has the higher ceiling
  11. If you’re going upside, I actually think Fournette and Gage. I’m actually also a big Kelley fan, but his upside I think is limited by Ekeler. He has a solid weekly floor, but he’s not going to get 3 TDs or whatever just by virtue of sharing the backfield
  12. I agree on Moore. He’s going to see a lot of targets
  13. It’s tough to ever bench anyone on that KC offense, but I think your best bet is Taylor, Sanders, Ekeler. Ravens D is legit
  14. I’d bench McKinnon. I’m not sure he’s gonna get the workload that people are expecting Help on mine?
  15. In a 10-team PPR league and looking for WR help. Trade is: I get: Davante and Diggs He gets: James Robinson, TY, Russell Gage I haven’t proposed this trade yet. I’m pretty high on Robinson, and I figure the Adams injury brings this closer, but does it feel like I’m lowballing to get Davante? He also has OBJ but I’m not really interested My current WR/RBs are: RB: Zeke, Ekeler, Carson, Robinson, Hunt, Freeman WR: AJ Brown, TY, Diontae Johnson, CeeDee, Gage, Jeudy Appreciate the help!
  16. yeah, fair enough. I'm hoping Hilton picks back up soon, but you're right that WR is definitely another concern area of mine
  17. I like this trade for a keeper league. The two you're getting have way higher upside Thanks for the help on mine!
  18. Thanks for the help with mine! Agree with everyone above, you HAVE to make this trade happen
  19. I'd offer Gordon and Lazard for either Cooper or Locket. The TB offense looks like it's going to continue being hit or miss for a little bit
  20. Agree that Brown is the way to go. Josh Allen is dealing right now
  21. Yeah, you gotta hold on to Higbee. Freeman is a complete unknown right now in terms of how he's going to look. He's trying to sell you on hype alone
  22. I agree that I'd make the Robby and Brees trade for Cam. Then try to pick up Burrow on waivers.
  23. Thinking about trading away Tom and Kareem Hunt for Deshaun Watson. PPR league. Brady's been pretty disappointing but I'm wondering if I'm overreacting? Watson feels like a clear upgrade and I have solid depth at RB, but then again, he hasn't had a spectacular start to the year by any means. Thoughts? For additional context: Minshew, Herbert, and Tannehill are available on waivers My team: QB: Brady, Burrow RBs: Zeke, Ekeler, Carson, Hunt, James Robinson WRs: TY Hilton, Diontae Johnson, CeeDee, Sammy Watkins, Corey Davis, AJ Brown TE: Ertz Thanks for the help!
  24. I’d lean Carson and Singletary. Thanks for the help with mine!
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