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  1. 10 team Roto. I own Giannis side and Im 2nd to last in FT's. Who wins?
  2. lots of folks saying its wagner or lopez or Rui. So which one is it guys?
  3. Barnes the safer bet but his ceiling is so low. Personally id roll the dice on Oubre. help?
  4. Lamelo. Hes gettinginto his grove the last couple of games. Hes bound to be a stud soon. Help with mine?
  5. if youre punting AST then maybe it makes a bit more sense. otherwise i would stay with JA and co. help?
  6. i like Bojan her, i know hes terrible now but hes getting the minutes so its only a matter of time. help mine?
  7. If KD goes to NY next season is he automatic 1st pick? (assuming no Kyrie) Would you take him over Giannis?
  8. Im in a debate with a buddy, If KD goes to NY would you draft him over Giannis next year? I said I would. Any thoughts?
  9. This guy worth a pickup? pretty good last game. 4 games this week too.
  10. well he has 3 more game after later so MAYBE wait and see. sheesh.
  11. Championship week and I used up an acquisition for him yesterday and he goes down like this. THIS IS BU**SH*T
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