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  1. No Luka and Kyrie not SG on ESPN for some reason. My only SG are Garland and Smart which is why Im looking for an upgrade. Im thinking the SGA trade might be better value at this point.
  2. Yeah its a fair trade although Id rather have dort and adams
  3. I would consider it only because its an 8 team league which means you want as many top guys as possible and KAT is lock for 1st round value. That being said Kyle Anderson is not a hold in 8 team so maybe ask for somebody else instead.
  4. Its very close I would lean to the Kyrie side. He is the best player in the trade and RH is solid.
  5. Jrue is the better value at this point You;d be too deplete at point gaurd if you traded
  6. I'd def keep ingram Dejounte is great but Ingram is very solid value And LA seems like a throw in at this point
  7. 10 TEAM H2H 8 CAT Thinking of trading my bam for Malcom Brogdon Or potentially SGA with another owner I need guard and can afford to lose a big Am I losing too much value in terms of ROS outlook WHIR leave a link! My team: PG: Luka, Kyrie, CP3, Garland SG: Smart SF: MPJ, OG PF: Wood, J Collins, Nance Jr C; Bam, M Turner, R Holmes
  8. RJ is a wildcard with percentages. I'd prefer to target trades like seth and garland, dont really trust divi.
  9. definitely drop rivers or hachimura they shouldnt be rostered in 12 team
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