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  1. Maybe in Q4 of game 16. Still won you the ship, but also re-injured his hammy.
  2. Does consistently inconsistent count?
  3. Had a 30 point lead with my Aaron Jones and TJ Jones vs his Marvin Jones and Davante Adams. Lost by two points. Not helped by the fact that my opponent forgot to start his Bills defense (0 pts) on Thursday and ended up with Titans D (6 points). Also my decision to pick up TJ Jones and drop JMatt didn't help either. Done in that league now ;(
  4. I would do it, I don't see Jordy doing much with Hundley as QB.
  5. Don't think people are expecting that, but if he gets 6-8 a game that would be great.
  6. Did that last week... For Pryor... Hold me!!
  7. second that, be glad he did not accept. Traded McKinnon for Terrelle Pryor, just in time with the Diggs news
  8. I like it in a vacuum, but as you say it does somewhat deplete your WR corps, whereas your RBs are top notch. I think I would stay put.
  9. I would definitely go for it. Brees had his bye so no longer any need for Wentz, and whereas both Cooks and Fuller are boom/bust guys, I would expect a little more consistency from Cooks
  10. I am thinking of proposing a deal to the 0-5 guy in our league. My Mckinnon for his Mixon or Pryor, essentially just trying to buy low on either of these guys. Particularly with Mixon going into a bye and his only other RB being Forte there should be a deal to be done here. 12 team, 0.5 PPR My team (4-1): QB: Watson RBs: Bell, Hunt WRs: Diggs, Funchess Flex: McKinnon K: Lutz DST: Jags Bench: DJ, C. Davis, Gillislee, Powell, M. Mack On another note, M. Williams clear waivers, drop anyone for him?
  11. Hunt is a true difference maker, I agree. But over the past two years we have seen JAGs come in who put up respectable numbers. SO I think handcuffing him will leave you with an RB2, no matter what his name is.
  12. Whether or not to handcuff Kareem Hunt, should be part of the discussion here. What else you gonna do, other than write jizz posts about his performance?
  13. Even 50% of Hunts production would make him a high end RB2
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