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  1. League winner if you picked him up from the wire!
  2. This guy is single handedly causing me to lose FG% every week
  3. Didn't the Knicks sign Joakim Noah a season or two ago lol
  4. Thanks, I was wondering why he was getting so many minutes
  5. Agreed. He's definitely got the green light to shoot from Thibbs though. He's been chucking threes from places Lillard would pull up and hasn't gotten yanked.
  6. This was the 2nd time he closed the game with the starters. He should have gotten another 3-4 assists but his teammates missed so many shots in the 3rd and 4th Q
  7. Thanks for the post. Looks like a regular t-shirt they could wear under their jersey though
  8. Lucky assists.... what intrigues me more is how many minutes he's getting.
  9. No, not in standard leagues. He was taking Holmes minutes not Bagley. I'm actually not sure why he played so many minutes today.
  10. Yes, must roster Demarcus & Whiteside in a 20 team. An injury to Wood or Demarcus makes them league winners in a 20 team.
  11. I have one more add left for this week... source??
  12. Damn someone drafted Holmes in my league. Lucky you!
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