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  1. I don’t think it is possible to get CMC Barkley or Zelenograd for Thomas. Most drafts receivers are not being taken until about the 6th pick. I value Barkley, CMC, Zeke, Cook, Kamara and Helaire more. I think anybody else would be fair, but I would personally try Jones for Sanders, Henry, Mixon or Jacobs. Help with mine?
  2. I really like Godwin this year. A better Edelman for Brady. I would target him and a lower WR for DK and Diggs. May be hard though as I feel Diggs could struggle in Buffalo. Help with mine?
  3. There is no way I would do that deal. I personally think Dak could be on par with Jackson and than you would also be losing one of the best WRs in the game. help with mine?
  4. Keep Kamari and draft another top 10 RB if possible. Otherwise draft a Too WR if there isn’t a top 10 available help with mine?
  5. I like a RB at 3. You can get 2 QBs ranked in the top 20 for the position and be fine each week. help with mine?
  6. I think I still like Fournette more than others right now, but Jags will be playing from behind a lot so they will be passing a lot. I would stay with Dynasty I definitely like Preston and Love more help with mine?
  7. I am in an 12 team auction league where we are able to keep 2 rookies drafted the prior year for $50 each. The average price for a QB is $1400, WR is $800 and RB iOS $1200. Which 2 should I keep: - Gardner Minshew (would be backup as I would obviously draft another starting QB) - Hollywood Brown - Alexander Mattison - Miles Sanders I am planning to keep Sanders and was leaning towards Mattison for his upside, but Minshew as a backup QB with upside for $50 in intriguing to me. Brown is also a solid option, but I’m not convinced of the Baltimore passing game.
  8. Coleman, but I do feel Barber is going to get a chance to take the starting position after a solid game last week.
  9. To me it is definitely the same 3 you chose. If Mixon is out Bernard will get most of the touches and actually looked quite good against Pittsburgh. Murray splits carries too much and Cooper and Hogan are possibly out. Bryant may have an increased role with JuJu out, but I like Coleman more in a game with potential for high score.
  10. I would do Thomas, Jones and Gordon. Jeffrey doesn’t have as big of an upside to me and is inconsistent, and Watkins doesn’t get enough targets. Sanu is consistent, but basically a Jones without the TDs, If Gordon can catch his targets he could have a huge day.
  11. I lost Elliot and had to deal Bell in my keeper league leaving me with a struggle at RB. Which 2 of the following 4 would you start this week in a full point PPR league. alfred Morris Dion Lewis Samaje Perine Derrick Henry I am leaning towards Morris and Lewis. I Like Perine, but I am nervous that Chargers will score quickly and limit his touches.
  12. I like Brown, but with your current lead and having to win by 16 I would say JuJu because he should still put up consistent numbers. As many as Kroft anyways.
  13. I am in the same situation. Up 15 in a full point PPR league and my opponent has Bell. Do I start Brown or play Bryant? I am leaning towards Brown. He has been a beast. I just hope he isn’t out there to be a distraction.
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